Belize Weather

Sunset in BelizeBelize enjoys a subtropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Temperatures annually range from 50-95°F, with a mean annual temperature of 79°F.

The dry season is a cooler time of year and runs from November until May. In the tropics it is not unusual to have rain in the dry season - it just falls in shorter spurts. The driest months are February and March, and the temperature then peaks in April and May. The mountains are cooler than the rest of the country, especially in the evenings. Out on the Cayes you'll enjoy tropical breezes wafting through the palm trees, providing you with natural air conditioning! Temperatures along the coast are in the 70-80s (20°C - 30°C) for most of the dry season, but can reach into the 90s during April and May. Water temperatures along the barrier reef range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s.

From June through December the weather is hot and humid. The amount of rainfall varies widely from north to south, from 40-60" in Corozal to 160-190" in Punta Gorda. Belize lies in the hurricane belt - these have often come later in the season, between August and the end of October. We don't offer any trips during this time because of extreme weather conditions.

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