Mallin Colorado Ecolodge

Mallin Colorado welcomes guests to this Ecolodge, situated on pristine land in the the Chilean Patagonia region. Enjoy a fusion of rustic luxury, comfort and hospitality during a stay at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge. Guests find accommodation in cabins built of native wood, with excellent views. Each cabin is isolated and provides a private and peaceful environment that is harmonious with the local landscape. The lodge and cabins of Mallin Colorado are nestled on a rolling hillside, overlooking Lake General Carrera. The park like setting includes native trees, bushes and flowers of Patagonia's unique species.

Lodge Amenities
The luxurious cabins set in the natural environment will induce relaxation and enjoyment of the vistas of the snow capped Northern Ice Fields and mountains in the distance with the Caribbean colored waters of Lake Carrera in the foreground.

Gather in the main lodge which is the family home. Here guests can lounge in front of the fireplace reading books from the library. Meals are served at one of the two dining tables, each providing seating for ten. Guests are always welcome in the classically beautiful Patagonian kitchen, the most important place in Mallin Colorado and where many of the guests have felt most at home.

The lodge provides the perfect location for exploration of the pristine Chilean Patagonia surroundings. Situated not only with excellent views of the lake and mountains, it also holds claim to 500 hectares of native forest land. More than 15 kms of carefully created walking and trekking trails have been installed on the property. For a more extensive look at the trails and activities offerred at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, please explore the link above.

Cabins are rustic, comfortable, and elegantly furnished, surrounded by a park of native trees. Lodging can be provided for up to 18 people. The cabins have hardwood floors, wood stoves, and ample windows with views of the immense lake. Guests especially enjoy the comfort of the beds, with eiderdown quilts and pillows covered in fine linens.

On a gently rolling hillside overlooking Lake General Carrera, Mallin Colorado has placed four cabins separated from each other with native fruit trees and wildflower gardens which guarantee privacy and exclusivity for those who want to escape corporate tourism to enjoy the silence and peace of the pristine Patagonian landscape.

There is no better way to relax than to be at home in the cabins, listening to birdsong while appreciating the views of Lake Carrera and the spectacular snowcapped mountains. Each guest is given a pure-cotton bath robe, a pair of slippers and amenities in the bathrooms. Awaken in the morning refreshened and ready to join an excursion after a restorative night's sleep, breathing in the crisp mountain air.

Mallin Colorado`s highlight is the excellent food served every day in the main lodge. The onsite chef and kitchen staff do their work with love and dedication, using fresh produce from the gardens and greenhouse, accompanied with healthy pork, lamb, beef and fish, all of which are fresh and local. Food is prepared in a wood fired oven and clay pots, giving all plates a gourmet touch. Guests are consistently surprised and delighted to be treated to such excellent cuisine while simultaneously being surrounded by the splendors of the remote virgin natural setting. A menu is posted daily for all the guests and the ecolodge prides themselves on their delicious and diverse recipes.

Some evenings guests will enjoy a meal in the Quincho, a gathering space built around a fire pit with a wind screen, benches and tables. It is in middle of the park, and provides the central place for all guests to join together for a traditional Patagonian lamb barbecue, which is prepared slowly for five hours.

Mallin Colorado is located in the Region of Aysen on the shores of Lake General Carrera, in Chilean Patagonia, 273 Kms. to the south of Coyhaique on the Austral Highway. The area is scarcely populated and a large portion of the land lies in national parks or protected areas. Here you will find a place with a unique identity and a strong local culture that has been developed little since its discovery at the turn of the 20th century. It is one of the most pristine places on the planet.