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Eiffel Tower and the Seine River

Seine River Cruises & Luxury Riverboats

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The 777-km Seine River flows right into the cultural heart of Paris and on towards the daunting historic cliffs of Normandy. Adventure Life has exclusive offers for two of the opulent river boats that cruise this river. The 158-passenger MS Renoir was refurbished in 2011 and features dance floors, a bar & dining room, and various other social areas. Aboard the MS Amalegro, you'll enjoy well appointed staterooms and four exquisitely decorated decks, plus free bicycle rentals to explore the small towns along the way. The Seine River gives you access to staple sites, like Monet's garden, the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral, and the picturesque Seine Valley.

10 Best Seine River Cruises for 2017

Luxury Cruises to Paris & The Seine River

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only$28998RelaxedEmbark the MS Amalyra for an 8-day luxury river cruise along France's beautiful Seine River, exploring the haunting but beautiful beaches of Normandy, wine tasting, and following in the footsteps of Europe's great artists in the historic towns of Les Andyles, Conflans, Caudebec-en-caux, & Vernon, where you find the home of Claude Monet at Giverny.
Paris & Normandy$365910RelaxedEmbark the MS Amalyra for an 8-day cruise of the Seine River, followed by two relaxing nights in Paris. Along the way, you will see the natural landscapes that first inspired the impressionist movement at Honfleur, Vernon, and Rouen. You'll also spend time at the haunting yet beautiful beaches of Normandy and visit Château Gaillard in Les Andelys.
Taste of Bordeaux$481913RelaxedAfter two nights in romantic Paris, embark on an enchanting 8-day round-trip cruise from Bordeaux aboard the MS Amadolce, ending with two nights in the Loire Valley and one more night in Paris. At the center of this tour is wine tasting in one of the world's most distinguished regions of wineries. And you'll even see historic Roquetaillade Castle.
Europe's Rivers & Castles - From Prague to Paris$453913RelaxedEmbark the MS Amadante to enjoy some of Europe's most enchanting landscapes on this 9-day sailing expedition from Prague to Paris, spending three nights in Paris at the conclusion of your voyage. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, markets with local delicacies, and historic & medieval landmarks from the Czech Republic to Germany and France.
Rhine & Moselle Splendors$547914RelaxedThis unique 14-day cruise starts with 3 nights in Paris, followed by a 7-night Luxembourg to Basel cruise aboard the MS Amadante, and then three nights in the charming city of Zurich. With an extensive lineup of included tours such as walking city tours, bike tours, and hikes, you can choose how you want to explore France, Germany, & Switzerland.
Provence & Spain$470914RelaxedTravel from Paris to Barcelona on this two week European river cruise and train trip. Spend three days in Paris before embarking the MS Amadagio for your cruise through France's wine growing regions. Enjoy wine tastings, explore Roman ruins, visit medieval villages, and more on this cruise through France. End your trip in Barcelona or Marseille.
Ultimate River Cruise$783820RelaxedAfter 3 nights in Paris, embark the Amadante on a stunning 15-day sailing adventure from Luxembourg to Budapest, ending with 2 nights in Budapest. The charming towns, medieval castles, Roman ruins, and stunning variety of Baroque, Neo-classical & modern architecture highlight this journey from France through Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Hungary.

Top Riverboats Cruising the Seine

Ship NameCapacityFromSummary
MS Amalegro148$3099Launched in 2007, the MS Amalegro is part of the newest, state-of-the-art fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe.
MS Amalyra148$2899Launched in 2008, the MS Amalyra is part of the newest, state-of-the-art fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe.
MS Botticelli151$1243Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Seine Valley on board the warm atmosphere of the MS Botticelli. Built in 2004, the MS Botticelli has a capacity …
MS Renoir158$502The MS Renoir was built in 1999 and refurbished in 2011. Her renovations made her an ideal vessel for sailing the rivers and waterways of France, …
MS Seine Princess138$764The MS Seine Princess is a comfortable and friendly ship that sails on the Seine River. Designed to accommodate 138 passengers in 67 cabins, the ship …

Seine River Travel Guide

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Highlights of the Seine River
Just under 500 miles in length, the Seine River provides one of the best ways to see Paris and other main destinations in France...

You'll start your river excursion in metropolitan Paris. Several cruises simply board here and set right out to the other sites, while others spend up to three or four days touring. 

As the boats continue north towards Normandy, you'll be immersed in some of the most culturally and historically relevant sites of the early 20th century in France. In Giverny, see the former home of legendary painter Claude Monet, where the impressionist movement was born from his paintings of natural scenes. Or from the town Honfleur easily access the beaches of Normandy where Allied Forces won a hard-fought battle against the Nazi army on D-Day in World War II.

Chateaus are another obvious highlight of a river cruise through France. Medieval & Gothic architecture, like that of Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen or the Château de La Roche-Guyon in Les Andelys are just a few examples of the impressive styles found throughout France. And of course, the wine from this region is second-to-none. 
Major Ports & Towns around the Seine River
  • Paris: The most iconic French city and the country's capital; home to the Eiffel Tower and heralded as the center of global fashion & style; you'll also likely stop in the suburban port of Poissy
  • Les Andelys: You can visit nearby Château de La Roche-Guyon or the decadent Martainville Château.
  • Giverny: This small town's claim to fame is the home of renowned painter Claude Monet. 
  • Honfleur: At the confluence of the English Channel and the Seine River in Normandy, this was the harrowing site of the D-Day invasion, but its scenic beauty has also inspired the likes of Claude Monet & other French painters.
  • Duclair: This town is most notable for its "Route des Abbayes," leading travelers along a trail of distinct & ancient abbeys.
  • Rouen: Known as the "City of Art & History," this port town is home to the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral and well preserved medieval and Gothic architecture.
  • Vernon splits the distance between Paris and Rouen.
When should I plan my Seine River cruise?
The most popular times for Seine River cruises are between April and July, during the late spring and summer months when the weather is warmest and the sun is strongest. 

We do feature cruises that start as early as March and extend through November. While the temperatures can sometimes fall between warm and cold depending on the weather, these are good times to visit if you're hoping to encounter less tourist traffic or find better deals and promotions on cruises. 

Its location in western Europe means that it has all four seasons:
  • Summer – June-August
  • Autumn – September-December
  • Winter – December-March
  • Spring – March-May
The winter months are not a bad time to visit, especially if you are hoping to ski or see France in a lustrous white coat of snow. Unfortunately, we don't offer any river cruises during this time.
Fun Facts about the Seine River
Did you know...
  • As one of the most navigable rivers in all of France, the Seine River has been important to commerce since Roman times.
  • The Seine River actually cuts Paris in half between the Left Bank and the Right Bank.
  • It's possible to see some of Paris's most popular attractions right from your boat, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, and the trademark Eiffel Tower. 
  • A replica of the Statue of Liberty is on an island in the Seine River in Paris and it looks west towards the Statue of Liberty that keeps vigil over New York City. 
  • Paris was originally called "Lutetia" in Roman times.

How to choose a Seine River cruise

Where to Go?  
Unlike the Rhine, Danube, and Douro river cruises, which snake through multiple countries, the Seine River offers access exclusively to the top sites and destinations of northern France. Starting in metropolitan Paris, you will meander through the French countryside towards the cradle of impressionism in Honfleur and Les Andelys, and ultimately onto the hauntingly tranquil beaches of Normandy. 
How Long?
Seine River cruises are comparatively short, ranging from 5-days to just 10-days. What you want to see will determine the length of your cruise: shorter cruises tend to visit just a few cities and towns before heading back to their port of origin; the number of activities available on these cruises is obviously less as well. Longer cruises will often start in Paris and make their way all the way to the northern coasts of France, plus they offer more active opportunities to explore the region as well.

On which riverboat?
We feature just five hand-selected river vessels for our Seine River cruises: Amalegro, Amalyra, Botticelli, Renoir, and the Seine River Princess. They all reflect the modern fashion and elegance characteristic of metropolitan France, and you will find that they all offer comfortable state rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, and multiple social areas. Fine dining and a panoramic sun deck is standard. The Amalyra & Amalegro also offer bicycles that you can use free of charge to explore the small towns. Which boat you choose largely depends on which itinerary suits your interests most. Riverboats are generally over 100m in length and accommodating less than 200 people, guaranteeing an intimate atmosphere of camaraderie onboard. Central heating and air conditioning is standard, and you will find that the cabins, while not huge, do provide enough space. These boats also have an ample lounge, a restaurant & dining area, a spacious sundeck, and a reception area. Contact us if you need guidance in selecting the best boat for you.

What is there to do and see?
It's no secret that the small villages of France are renowned for their vineyards and savory wine varieties, making wine tasting a staple part of most itineraries. You will also have opportunities to hike the scenic countryside and explore the major urban centers, the legendary architectural landmarks of Paris, and the quaint village homes where artists like Monet helped give birth to the impressionist movement. Just taking in the crisp river air and the panoramic views from the deck of your river vessel is an activity of its own.

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