Merecumbre Hotel

Merecumbre hotel

Merecumbe Hotel offers sophisticated and modern eco-cabanas with minimalist high quality interiors, built in natural materials like wood, stone and palm. The cabins are built for comfort and are integrated into the surrounding environment for an intimate and welcoming quality. Each cabana has an outdoor deck-type wooden terrace with chairs for sunbathing in privacy and refreshing showers. For environment friendly reasons, Merecumbe does not provide hot water or television. The hotel also offers fine dining, with fresh, local ingredients found throughout the menu.

The hotel is surrounded by nature and on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta beachfront. Located just 50 kilometers from Santa Marta and 13 kilometers from Tayrona Park, this area is in the heart of significant ecotourism development in Colombia.

While at Merecumbe, you can opt for a quiet morning and practice yoga or reading; or the hotel also provides body massages on the beachfront with amazing views of the seascape. This private area is also ideal for sunbathing and relaxing in a hammock.

In the surrounding environment, guests are invited to take a walk to the Buritaca river just 1 km away or Guachaca river 4 kilometers away. Take a bath in fresh water after swimming in the sea.

Guests can also visit the nearby national parks and reserves: Flamingos, Tayrona and Quebrada Valencia, where you can practice hiking and bird watching. Or visit beaches like Cinto, Neguanje and Playa Cristal.