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Welcome to the Hotel Royal Corin
Hotel Facilities
Welcome to the Hotel Royal Corin
Hotel Royal Corin
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The Royal Corin Resort & Loto Spa has 54 rooms with an elegant design, quiet atmosphere in harmony with natural wealth of the area of the majestic Arenal volcano. Each room has fantastic view of the volcano mainly because of the excellent architectural design of this five story hotel. It is the perfect place to begin your Costa Rica tour. The Royal Corin means an excellent chance to rest and enjoy several sports with recreation options.

Visitors here experience invaluable moments and unexpected sensations meanwhile enjoy a casual chat in the Hotel Lava Bar. Guests also have the chance to improve their health by bathing in thermal waters or receive a relaxing massage in the Loto Spa.

The hotel's huge reception area is perfectly conditioned with modern furniture and advanced architecture which makes you feel comfortable right from your arrival to the hotel. The Royal Corin staff is a highly qualified team because excellent service is one of their main goals.

Royal Corin's advanced design is based on important details which transforms the structure into an elegant and modern place, with:

* Concrete structures with no gypsum walls.
* Finishes by professional decorators and by the owners.
* Whole building detecting System against fire plus a central monitor control 24/7.
* Security cameras.
* Vitro ceramic in every bathroom.
* Wooden furniture.
* Mini bar and panoramic tempered glasses in every room.
* Tempered glass doors in showers.
* Drinkable hot water System of every room.
* Suites with bathroom tub with integrated TV with DVD, bubbles, different color lights and jacuzzi for two.
* Electronic latchkeys with approach key.
* Asian Sculptures in marble in all surroundings.

Your pleasant stay is a main objective, and Royal Corin always works to make you to feel great!

Royal Corin Resort & Loto Spa has 54 rooms with finest finishes and such a modern design. They offer 42 standard rooms plus 6 suites and 6 master suites.

Every room has phones even in the bathrooms, plus mini bar, drinkable hot water system, LCD TV, tempered panoramic glasses, high quality wooden furniture, tempered glass doors and ceramic vitro in bathroom.

Suites are also conditioned with bathroom tub, integrated TV/DVD, bubbles system, different color lights and jacuzzi for two. Royal Corin offers Internet service and electronic latchkeys with security key.

Additional Services
In order to guarantee a higher comfort within a safe and pleasant atmosphere, Royal Corin offers some other additional services to enjoy our facilities such as:

* 24 hours Front desk.
* Bellboys valet parking.
* 24 hours Security Service.
* Two elevators for guests.
* Thermal water in pools.
* Laundry service.
* Safe-deposit boxes.
* Babysitting service.
* Secretarial services.
* Wireless Internet.
* Central telephone with voice mail and phones in every room.

Hotel Facilities

Lava Bar: If you are looking for a great night, the Lava Bar is a must for you with its modern and dynamic style.

Good music and excellent service are such great complements and its only bar with a panoramic view of the whole area.

This wonderful place is located in the 5th floor of the hotel and offers the best drinks for a really pleasant time with the company of your family and friends in this unique bar.

Emperador Restaurant: Delicious variety of plates and drinks are available for you at the Restaurante Emperador. This restaurant's professional service guarantees an excellent flavor plus finest service in your table.

The restaurant opens at 6 a.m. with great breakfast buffet until 10 a.m. Lunch schedule goes from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Dinner is served from 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Lunch and dinner are both “a la carte”.

The Emperador Restaurant has room for 120 people and it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Basalto Bar: If you prefer to enjoy a drink while you are at the pool, the Basalto Bar is open from 9 am to 9 pm, and will offer you service right in the pool and surroundings, always with the highest quality.

If you also want to have a snack or a light snack, you will find the perfect area close to the pool.

You won't miss fun or good moments inside this restaurant.

Lobby Bar: Royal Corin has such a different place for that special moment next to your friends.

The Lobby Bar is the perfect place for visitors who want to feel comfortable, enjoy a good chat and an exquisite cocktail.

The Lobby Bar is open from 12:00 PM to 9 PM. and here you find different cocktails prepared for professional bartenders with the best and most delicious ingredients.

Meeting Place
Royal Corin Resort & Loto Spa offers a great meeting place.

An elegant architectural style, fine finishes and high quality furniture are perfect complements to create an ideal atmosphere for executives meetings.

This Meeting Place has the highest technology equipment for a technical support which every business work session requires.

Hotsprings: Royal Corin has a great thermal pool for guests' use.

This special location creates a very private area for your greatest comfort and peace.

In front of each room you will find three pools of hot springs with different temperature each.

A river of thermal water is also conditioned with four jacuzzis and a small hotspring lagoon.

Warm waterfalls by the river will allow you to admire an incredible view.

A natural sauna of thermal waters is located under the waterfalls, in a quite wide area where you where you can enjoy this incredibly unique experience.

The Spa
Keep in mind you are visiting the Hotel Royal Corin to rest and relax.

Welcome to the Loto Spa where you can enjoy true relaxation and rest to ease stress and tensions.

The spa's highly qualified staff will offer you excellent service that will help you to forget routine and daily complications.

Discover the wonderful experience of a pro massage as you have always deserved.

After your treatment, relaxation areas allow you to enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzis or pleasant thermal waters.

If you prefer you can stay in our massages rooms and enjoy a drink in our private Jacuzzis.