Aguila de Osa Inn

Aguila de Osa Inn - where barefoot luxury meets adventure, experience a vacation of a lifetime in one of the last wild places in Costa Rica. Experience the magic and beauty of untouched nature on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula that comes alive here at Aguila de Osa Inn. A true rainforest and marine adventure lodge, Aguila de Osa overlooks a panorama of Drake Bay from the mouth of the Aguijitas River and is only a short distance from two of Costa Rica's most precious natural gems, Corcovado National Park and Caño Island Marine Reserve. Surrounded by vibrant jungle, this hotel provides guests with the ultimate ecotourism experience: peaceful luxury and limitless adventure amongst the most magnificent natural backdrop Costa Rica has to offer.

Hotel Amenities
Aguila de Osa offers its visitors accommodations with exquisitely handcrafted details, gourmet tropical dining in the hotel's open-air Great Room, gracious hospitality, and the opportunity for even the most intrepid traveler to experience Costa Rica's finest natural gifts, all while striving to meet the highest standards of sustainable tourism.

Aguila de Osa's home on Osa Peninsula is brimming with wildlife, called by National Geographic “one of the most biologically intense places on Earth.” On a variety of tours and excursions, the abundant treasure of tropical plants, mammals, insects, and over 350 species of birds in the region will continually reveal themselves to you, unfolding a new spectacle with every step you take.

The hotel holds to a standard of excellence in personalized customer service at Aguila de Osa Inn, and looks forward to delivering you all the delights of your most unforgettable vacation adventure.

Guest Rooms
Guests may choose from Aguila de Osa Inn's 2 suites and 11 deluxe rooms, all of which are nestled in the hillside, with spectacular views of the lush, tropical surroundings. Resting high above the water's edge, the rooms are open and spacious, with mesh windows so a cool breeze will always accompany the natural melodies of the jungle.

All rooms feature large, Italian tiled bathrooms, cathedral style ceilings, handcrafted décor, and of course a minibar, hot water, ceiling fans, 24-hour electricity, and drinkable filtered well water. Many of the rooms have hammocks and rocking chairs on private balconies, where you can relax and observe the wildlife in the verdant rainforest surrounding your room.

A trail connects the rooms with the hotel's restaurant and office area, and to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, Aguila de Osa Inn provides daily room service and maintains a 24 hour reception desk.

Rio Selva Restaurant
Dining at Aguila de Osa's Restaurant Rio Selva is a unique experience in itself. The open-air restaurant is the heart of the property, with a dramatic ocean view and tropical sights and sounds surrounding you as you dine. The restaurant, with seating for 48, serves as the ideal setting for sharing your day's adventures with other travelers from around the world, and watching diverse wildlife right from the dinner table.

Aguila de Osa's signature, gourmet cuisine is created with a unique tropical flair; fresh seafood from local boats, pasta, sushi, vegetables and luscious tropical fruits, prepared with simplicity and originality, and always catered to guest's dietary preferences.

At breakfast you'll choose from a menu of items ranging from French toast, omelets, and tropical fruit pancakes, to the typical breakfast of gallo pinto, eggs, fried plantains, a local farmer's cheese, and a tortilla. Lunches are light and fresh, but always filling, and may include a salad, a fresh fish sandwich or fajitas, and crispy French fries. Before dinner, you'll enjoy a cocktail and appetizer hour with the other guests on the Jungle Terrace. Dinner will begin with a delicious soup or salad, followed by a choice of two main courses, and always a dessert worth saving room for. Guests will appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to friendly, quality service.

Sustainable Hotel Practices
Aguila de Osa Inn combines both community outreach and eco-friendly hotel operations, and continually works towards excellence in sustainable tourism. Recycling and composting are an integral part of the Inn's sustainable practices. Recyclables collected from the bins in each room are donated to local schools, and the resulting money is used to make repairs and improvements in the schools. Additionally, certain food waste collected from the kitchen is composted and used to maintain the hotel's organic vegetable garden. Four pigs kept on the hotel's property are involved in the production of methane gas through a biodigester.

The hotel works closely with the Corcovado Foundation and the Drake Bay Development Association to develop strong, positive ties with the community. It is active in cultural fairs, dances, and other activities held by Drake Bay schools and the EBAIS (Equipos Basicos de Atención Integral). The hotel is involved in the Turtle Festival, which takes place each year in the community of El Progreso, and Aguila de Osa hosts an Independence Day celebration each year on September 15th. During this festival cultural dishes are shared, children perform in a dance show, and local artisans display Boruca Masks and other crafts in the rancho or restaurant areas. The project also includes environmental education for children in the towns of Drake Bay, El Progreso, and Los Angeles, which teaches children the importance of protecting and preserving the environment for future generations. Children learn about endangered animals, recycling, water and electricity conservation, and work with volunteers to help clean nearby beaches.

Aguila de Osa's sustainable practices help to maintain the Inn's organic natural environment and educate future generations to ensure that the exquisite beauty of the Osa Peninsula continues to flourish for years to come.