Svalbard with Lofoten & Bear Island Cruise

Jonas Sundquist
Adam Rheborg
Travelers resting and taking in the view.
Erik Edvardsson
The norwegian White Fox wanders through the tundra.
Ola Skinnarmo
Zodiac tour to see an arctic walrus.
Adam Rheborg
Traveler walrus watching from the shore.
Ronald Visser
Dining aboard the Quest.
Adam Rheborg
Dining aboard the Quest.
Join this expedition cruise along the dramatic coastline and magnificent fjords of northern Norway, via the legendary and seldom visited Bear Island to the realm of the polar bear: Svalbard. It is a busy time of the year in Lofoten and Bear Island as the sea eagles’ eggs hatch and the cliffs are teeming with tens of thousands of birds. Svalbard greets you with glittering ice, snow covered mountain tops, midnight sun and magnificent wildlife. During the six days spent in this High Arctic archipelago have plenty of opportunities to explore its impressive nature and unique wildlife.

Day 1

    Bodo, Norway

    Arrive in Bodø, and board the Quest. Once installed in your comfortable cabins, you will be welcomed by the guides and crew and get to know your expedition ship. It is time to begin the sea voyage towards the dramatic Lofoten Islands.

    Day 2

      Lofoten / Nusfjord / Trolfjorden

      After breakfast make a first trip in your sturdy Zodiac crafts around the spectacular island Vedøya with its tens of thousands of nesting sea birds, also often frequented by eagles. Sail along the southern side of Lofoten, a vast collection of rocky islands rising from the sea, towards Nusfjord. This is one of the most preserved and picturesque fishing communities in the area, included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list of unique wooden structures. Go ashore and explore this historic little village with its distinct atmosphere of cod fisheries. Continue your cruise along the Lofoten wall and late in the evening arrive at the magically beautiful Trollfjorden.

      Day 3


        Visit the old Viking site made famous by Snorri Sturlason in his Icelandic Saga. Enjoy the wonderful nature and visit a nice little Viking museum. After lunch head out to sea and set course for Bear Island. After a few hours reach a good whale watching area that stretches along the continental shelf. During your journey you will have good chances to see sperm whales, humpback whales, killer whales and white-beaked dolphins.

        Day 4

          Barents Sea

          Your sea journey to further northern latitudes continues. Interesting lectures on board introduce us to the rich wildlife and fascinating history of the Arctic. Of course, continue to look for whales.

          Day 5

            Bear Island

            With solid Zodiacs explore this fascinating rocky island in the middle of the Barents Sea. One of the largest seabird colonies of the North Atlantic is situated here, on vertical 400-meter cliffs that rise in the distance as we approach. Tens of thousands of guillemots nest here, as well as puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes and glaucous gulls. Continue your journey into the Arctic waters and your next goal is Svalbard, a vast, glaciated archipelago dominated by wild, pointed mountain ranges.

            Days 6-11


              It is early in the season and your route will naturally depend on the weather and ice conditions. These are examples of places you might visit:


              The plan is to explore the island of Edgeøya. There are remnants here of the first Pomors who came to the area in the 1600s. These Russian trappers came here to hunt polar bears, seals and reindeer. Later, Edgeøya became the most important hunting ground of the Norwegian trappers, who came here solely to hunt polar bears. Edgeøya offers a landscape of Arctic tundra, where have good chances to see walrus, Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer.


              During this time of the year there is often ice in the vast Storfjorden between the islands of Edgeøya and Spitsbergen. Your crew will try to get as far north as possible along Spitsbergen’s east coast. Certainly keep your eyes open for polar bears.

              Isbukta & Vasil’evbreen

              In the southern part of Spitsbergen lies Isbukta. In this spectacular bay head out in Zodiacs to enjoy the stunning views of the snow covered mountain peaks and the front of the impressive glacier Vasil’evbreen. The bay is also a popular spot for Sabine’s gulls, Arctic skuas and bearded seals. And where there are seals, there is also a good chance of spotting bear.


              Hornsund consists of several magnificent fjords along the west coast of Spitsbergen, where enormous glaciers let go of shimmering blue ice floes. On the southern side of the fjord pass one of the highest mountains in Svalbard, Hornsundstinden. This is one of the favorite haunts for some of Svalbard’s many polar bears.


              At the beautiful Vårsolbukta in Bellsund little auks nest by the tens of thousands. Go ashore and walk across the tundra to take a closer look at the mountain where also barnacle geese and Brünnich’s guillemots are nesting.


              At the entrance of Isfjorden is the giant cliff Alkhornet, several hundred meters high. Go ashore to enjoy the beautiful tundra and its birdlife with barnacle geese, Brünnich’s guillemots, glaucous gulls, snow buntings and tens of thousands of kittiwakes. Some Arctic foxes live in the rock crevices around the mountain and with some luck you might see these lovely little animals scurrying around, frantically looking for food.

              Day 12


                Early in the morning arrive in the high Arctic capital of Longyearbyen. This is where you will leave the ship and begin your journey home.
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                Please note: Your exact route will depend on ice, weather conditions and wildlife. Your crew will always strive to maximise your experience. Please keep in mind that flexibility is the key to a successful expedition!

                Rate includes: 9 nights on board the Quest, all meals, an experienced Expedition Leader and knowledgeable guides, lectures on board and ashore, all shore excursions by Zodiac, harbour fees, a detailed post-expedition log.

                Not included: Flights to Bodø and from Longyearbyen, travel and cancellation insurance, the customary gratuity to the ship’s crew, personal expenses such as bar and shop charges.

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