Patagonia is home of a world heritage site Torres del Paine. This national Park has unlimited beauty and adventure to offer, with glaciers, lakes, mountains, wild flowers and birds, trekking and horseback riding to choose from. Outdoor recreation at its best, our trips in Patagonia offer accommodation in camping or refugio or top class hotel. Suitable for group, individual or family vacations.

There is a choice of soft or hard adventure among the peaks and lakes of Patagonia within the world heritage site of Torres del Paine, expeditions to glaciers and opportunities to visit more remote parts such as Tierra del Fuego.

Trekking or horseback riding, gentle or tough itineraries, with expert Patagonian guides, good food and tours plus accommodation tailored to your needs. The flora and fauna of this area are exceptional, with wild flowers and colors to amaze and plentiful large and small birds for birdwatchers to enjoy. Nature or walking tours, or kayaking the rivers - Patagonia has it all.