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Patterns for Designing

The main concepts kept in mind when designing the EcoCamp were the following:

● To be exposed to nature as in a camp tent but with the comfort and sophistication of a four star hotel;
● Design and build interfering as little as possible with the environment. The hotel is not meant to be seen. No one is interested in advertising EcoCamp on site
● Take advantage of the sight. EcoCamp gives sight to the Torres del Paine granite pillars right from the dining room and from many dormitory domes
● The nomadic spirit should be brought alive, let's make the hotel portable, so when moved, very little tracks of previous existence on site will be left;
● EcoCamp allows the terrain to recover after each season, let's the grass grow, the animals graze, the sun shines and the wind blow all over the place. The domes are removed each winter.
● The wind is an active part of Patagonia, and it is important that guests experience it, so the canvas that covers the domes will react to the wind. You will be perfectly comfortable on bed but aware that nature is outside knocking at the door;
● The skies in Patagonia can be spectacular at nights, and the domes let guests fall asleep looking at the stars above
● Days in Patagonia are long from 5:30AM to 11PM and the best light for photographs is at dusk and dawn. The domes let the light flood the interior warning you that day is on. Grab your camera and get out to catch the first lights striking the mountains;
● Travelers come this far to be outdoors, let's make the indoor amenities as little as possible;
● The maximum capacity will be 30 guests so the feeling of intimacy, the idea of being in a Nomadic convoy will be kept even if the EcoCamp is full.