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Activities at Selva Bananito

Costa Rica hiking is simply a fantastic way to experience the treasures this country has to offer. As you explore different habitats while hiking in Costa Rica, you will immerse yourself in exuberant vegetation, observe nature teaming with life all around you and encounter wildlife welcoming you.

Costa Rica hiking is the way to experience what Costa Rican nature and biodiversity has to offer, Selva Bananito Ecolodge invites all true nature enthusiasts to commune with the pristine environments that you will explore while hiking in Costa Rica.

Hiking in Costa Rica does not get any better than doing so at Selva Bananito Ecolodge. The lodge guarantees memorable experiences while scouting out the old growth primary forests. They limit the size of any group to no more than six or eight guests at any given time on any given trail. This way there is a guarantee of the natural experience, guided by very knowledgeable guides that will explain to you the importance and significance of rain forest conservation, and will spot for you all those little and hidden life forms, that are difficult to spot on your own.

Costa Rica hiking as exemplified by Selva Bananito, guided by experienced guides in small groups and according to your fitness conditions is truly the best way to get in touch with your spirit, mind and body, surrounded by untouched nature.

Selva Bananito Ecolodge & Reserve caters for all hikers alike, from beginners to intermediate levels all the way to advanced levels of hiking. They invite you to find out for yourself why at Selva Bananito they offer the best hiking in Costa Rica. They look forward to your visit.

Horseback Riding
While traveling to Costa Rica and exploring different regions in rural areas, you will see that horseback riding is still a viable means of transportation. And above all: it is fun!

Selva Bananito Ecolodge fits right in with this equestrian tradition as they offer several horseback riding options and tours suited for all levels of experience, from the beginners to the advanced horseback riding enthusiasts!

In all of Costa Rica you will not find such a spectacular area to take part in the unforgettable horseback riding experience. Surrounded by pristine settings, far away from the crowds and off the beaten track of ecotourism, you will find that on the lodge's tame, sure footed and noble horses it is easy and at the same time memorable to follow enchanting trails and learn more about the regions history as well as low impact practices in tropical agriculture.

Selva Bananito's adventure horseback riding tour will be truly an unforgettable experience, as you enter trails that will bring you in close contact with gigantic century old trees that are to be found in our Private Reserve, Selva Bananito.

Bird Watching Tours
Birding Costa Rica offers well over 850 species of resident and migratory birds that live in this country, either throughout the year or during their migration time, avoiding the cold winters.

While birding in Costa Rica you will find that there are a variety of habitats in different life zones in which different birds are to be found for all Costa Rica birders. In the Caribbean lowlands and specifically in the Talamanca Mountain Range the raptors migration occurs twice a year. The sight of hundreds of thousands of raptors flying north or southbound is an incredible experience for all Costa Rica birders.

Birding in Costa Rica, and specially at Selva Bananito Ecolodge and Reserve, the birding is outstanding and will gratify all Costa Rica birders. Bird watching Costa Rica is best during the migratory periods, and can easily be arranged through the lodge's services.

Birding Costa Rica, offers the opportunity to see the life birds you always wanted, but without having to travel exhausting distances and in the intimacy of small bird watching Costa Rica groups. With 12 different life zones, ranging from mangrove areas to cloud forests and ranging from dry forests to tropical humid rain forests, you can be assured that birding Costa Rica is second to no other bird watching destination in Latin America.

Plant a tree
Become part of Selva Bananito's growing reforestation project. They have planted hundreds of tropical hardwoods on the part of our land originally cut down by banana plantations in the 1800s. By creating corridors back into the rainforest the lodge hopes to provide more habitat for wildlife. They will show you how to plant your seedling to give it the best chance of survival. With their recorded 91% success rate, your tree will hopefully one day become part of the tropical rainforest, contribute to the conservation of endemic and endangered species, while contributing to Fundacion Cuencas de Limon.

Intro to Tree Climbing
Learn the ropes of how to climb a 30 meter broccoli tree using a secure system of harnesses and ascenders. Climb up like an inch worm in this full-body activity that allows you to get a birds eye view of the Lodge and nearby pastures. Pace yourself during your vertical ascent, then stop and hang out under the treetop for an unparalleled view.

Adventure Horseback
Get ready for a most thrilling horseback ride to La Cristalina and into the primary rainforest. Gallop through open fields flanked by cocos, bananas, and cacao trees. Push on through challenging hills and steep descents on your way to a specialized horse trail in the lush green rainforest. A rare opportunity to view the jungle on horseback, this tour is as exhilarating as it is challenging. Requires previous horseback riding experience. Maximum rider weight limits apply.

Stop to see a massive cacha tree that has been naturally hallowed out and the immense buttresses of a centuries-old royal mahogany. Optional jungle tree climb includes a 130-foot ascent for another incredible canopy view.

Waterfall Hike with Rappel
Selva Bananito's most physically demanding tour, this all-day hike is an unforgettable journey up the Bananito riverbed and into the surrounding rainforests. While hiking upstream you will make over 60 river crossings, learn about the various micro-climates, and jump in the plentiful river pools. Visit a 600 year-old mahogany tree and learn more about rainforest ecology. After rappelling down an 80-foot waterfall (optional), you will eat a delicious lunch brought by your guides. An adrenaline-packed expedition for the true adventure seekers.

Requires very good physical condition and extensive hiking experience. May not be offered due to high river conditions.

Canopy Observation with Rappel
This tour combines a rare opportunity to view the primary rainforest from our 100-foot high platform and the adrenaline rush of zipping out to it. The cables and equipment used exceed the highest safety standards in Costa Rica and are designed to allow guests of all ages enjoy this highly popular activity. Hike half an hour through open fields and into the rainforest on part of our Natural History trail to get to the jumping off point. Then get strapped in, hold on, and enjoy the ride! Experience a true vertical descent with the optional rappel from the platform.

50 Meter Cliff Rappel
For adrenaline seekers only! Start out this activity with a beautiful hike up the Bananito River and deep into our rain forest preserve. Experience the thrill of rappelling down 5 different waterfalls in preparation to meet the biggest challenge you can find at Selva Bananito Preserve: 50 meters (165 feet) of vertical rappel down a jungle cliff.

Costa Rica Honeymoon
Honeymoon in Costa Rica is simply a fantastic way to begin with the celebration of life as a couple having chosen to share ones life with another human being. Costa Rica is an incredible diverse and beautiful country, in which nature and amenities come hand in hand.

There are a great variety of honeymoon packages available if you intend to visit Selva Bananito for your Costa Rica Honeymoon.

The Lodge has named their Honeymoon Packages after a bird, the Macua, Selva Bananito Ecolodge and Preserve which according to popular believe in Costa Rica has the power to bring lovers together for a life full of love, mutual respect and understanding.

The different honeymoon packages offered for your Honeymoon in Costa Rica differ in length and in activity levels, some being shorter in length and some being filled with more activities during your stay at Selva Bananito Ecolodge. They have differentiated your Costa Rica Honeymoon with the distinctions - active and light - and also provided you with the opportunity to stay at your hotel of choice for the first and last nights in Costa Rica.