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Things to do at Totoco Lodge

Get Active
Totoco Ecolodge will make sure that those seeking adventure and looking to work-up a sweat find ample outlet for their urges. Most activities either start at the lodge or are no more than half an hour away. Here is a list of activities that Totoco can organize:

CLIMBING VOLCANOES (Maderas 1394m and Concepcion 1600m) offers very different attractions with the virgin cloud forest of Maderas just minutes walk from your lodge. Your guide can take you down into the crater where centuries of rainfall has created an impressive lagoon. Concepcion is an active volcano that still allows you to reach the rim of the crater and peer into the abyss.

KAYAKING ISTIAN WETLANDS with friends at Caballitos del Mar is probably the most popular activity. These weltands cut across the center of the island and are home to an amazing diversity of aquatic birds as well as caymans, turtles and monkeys.

HORSEBACK EXPLORATION of the local towns is an excellent way to get to know the island and a good way too visit the sandy beach at Santo Domingo or the natural swimming pool at Ojo de Agua.

GUIDED HIKING OPPORTUNITIES will take you through shade grown coffee plantations, past 100-year old haciendas and reveal the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous Nahuatl Indians who have left thousands of rock carvings (petroglyphs) throughout the area.

RENTING BICYCLES or even motorcycles provides you with freedom to explore the local area.

GUIDED FISHING excursions (from shore or from boats) can be arranged with local fishermen.

CANOPY ZIP LINE tour through the trees at the Mirador del Diablo can also be arranged, and is a guest favorite.

HIKE the San Ramon waterfall, an impressive 120m drop set amongst the trees and monkeys of the virgin forest.

Get Cultural
The pre-Columbian Nahuatl Indians who inhabited the island left an impressive legacy in the shape of thousands of petroglyphs (rock carvings) and larger stone statues that can be admired at the museum in Altagracia. Another museum tells of the history of Nicaragua through all the different forms of currency that have been used in the past. Totoco also encourages guests to visit and meet neighbours in the local town and to learn how the people here live and work. The Totoco Foundation offers a guided tour through our local community and is an excellent way to get a first-hand glimpse of local life.

Stay Lazy
The special energy of the island and the tranquility and privacy of Totoco`s natural surroundings make this the ideal place to truly relax and practice the difficult art of doing nothing. Your private porch, the lounge at the main lodge and swimming pool are ideal places to stay lazy and read a book in a hammock while sipping on a fruit juice. Take relaxation to the next level by treating yourself to an ayurvedic massage or visit the beach at Santo Domingo and especially the crystal clear waters Ojo de Agua for a refreshing swim.