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Punta Arenas
Patagonia - 2013

Our day in Punta Arenas began with a walk to Mirador Cerro la Cruz, a viewpoint above the city. From there we went to Museum Salesiano Maggiorino Borgatello. The museum, established by missioners in 1893, has displays of flora, fauna and historic collections of settlers and explorers. The cemetery of Punta Arenas is only blocks from the Museum. The gardens and statues were interesting. I cannot believe in one trip I've made it to two cemeteries. It was still before noon, so we headed back to the center of town for some lunch. One thing I noticed, both in Ushuaia and in Punta Arenas, are dogs run free in the streets. It is not uncommon to see four or five dogs lounging on the sidewalk or strolling down the street. We ended our time in Punta Arenas with dinner at La Pergola inside Hotel Jose Nogueira and drinks at Shakeltons Bar. Tonight, we sampled some Chilean wine.