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Dirty Dash

Our team of Adventure Lifers!Our team of Adventure Lifers! (Sullivan Peraino)
Hurdling through the mud pit!
Crossing the finish line through the mud bath!
Team Adventure Life -Erin, Erin, Maggie, Sullivan, and Katie
Our beautiful prom queens
pre-mud bath group photo
Very stylish, Sullivan
Katie and Sullivan
Jens joins the ladies for a group pic
Creative costumes, great brews, and mud-covered bodies were all part of Missoula's Dirty Dash Event supporting our local Casas program. Running a 5K can be difficult enough - but to do it on a smokey-air polluted day (thank you nearby forest fires) takes some real dedication. Our team scrambled over pipes, commando crawled on gravel rocks, and jumped into a huge mud pool as just part of our effort to show our true Montana spirit. We like to be clean out hear, but we also love a good mud-run!