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John and Cathy's Argentina Adventure

Another early start. After a quick breakfeast we grabbed the last two seats on the tour bus to the Perito Moreno Glacier. One's first views of the glacier are deceptive. Your really can't tell the true size and scope. After a short boat ride we landed at the "eco"camp at the foot of the glacier. Our guide gave a great introductory talk about the glacier and then gave instructions for our safety on the climb. We left unnecessary gear at camp and hiked up to base of glacier. Here we donned crampons for ice walking. For some reason John insisted upon calling them capons which gave a great visual and a good laugh. Everyone walks like Frankenstein in their crampons. We walked up and down over the glacier surface. Our tour ended with a drink of scotch with glacier ice. And chocolates! It doesn't get much better. After our boat ride back to land we took a bus ride to the other side of the glacier. We hoped to see the galcier "calve", but no such luck. We returned to the ranch for drinks and dinner and another "brisk sit" in front of the fireplace. Another great day.