Autumn Caribou Migration & Northern Lights Safari

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Join this lodge based photography safari for caribou, combined with blazing autumn colors of the tundra and shimmering northern lights. This is an experience you will never forget. From local guides who know the traditional routes of the caribou, shimmering northern lights in the evening, to the silence of the tundra broken by the hooves of caribou, this late summer/early autumn Arctic photography safari will surprise and delight at every step. This uniquely Canadian safari is suitable for adventurous families as well as the professional photographer.

Day 1

Charter Flight to Ennedai Lake lodge

Meet at the Yellowknife airport and depart on the private plane for the two hour flight to Ennedai Lake lodge in Nunavut. En route to camp experience excellent aerial views of the tundra and caribou. Arrival should be around 11am at the lodge. After a welcome lunch and getting settled into your suite, spend the day at the lodge, and explore the tundra with your guides. Do a short afternoon trip with the aluminum boats in search of caribou, but with any luck you should have caribou right at your doorstep!

Days 2-7

  • Hotel
  • 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners

Ennedai Lake Lodge Explorations

Day trip by aluminum boat onto the tundra in search of the caribou. Caribou can be either solo or in small groups of up to 20 crossing rivers, lakes and large tracts of open tundra. Travel by aluminum boats up to Ennedai Lake, which stretches out from the lodge, to search for the caribou crossings that day. Witness mother caribou with calves and large male caribou with giant racks that are full of velvet and at their peak condition and maximum growth size. Guided by local guides, watch as they track and follow the caribou for the best photography opportunities. Hike on the colorful tundra, climbing small eskers to scope for approaching caribou. Often times the caribou are not startled by your presence and will approach on their own out of curiosity. During your time here, you should also have a chance of seeing muskox, barrenland grizzly and tundra wolf. With any luck, also see black bears and possibly wolverines.The prime northern lights band is at 60 degrees latitude. The lodge, situated on the beach of a fresh water lake, sits directly beneath this main band of northern lights occurrences. On still nights, have the opportunity to see the northern lights reflected in the lake, making for incredible photographic opportunities.

Day 8

Return Yellowknife

Have the morning for one last caribou photography opportunity. Transfer back to Yellowknife on an evening plane.

Tour Cost
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  • 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 Dinners
  • 7 Nights Accommodations
    • 7 Nights Lodge


  • International Flights

Recommended Budgeting

  • $500 Gear Rental