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Imagine watching a majestic bald eagle soaring overhead, then watching it swoop to catch a fish, just as a mighty orca breaches the glassy blue surface. That's just one example of the incredible nature that you'll see as you journey across North America. Let Adventure Life help make your expedition across the diverse American wilderness a dream-come-true, as you decide which part of this marvelous continent to explore. A cruise of the Northwest Passage will take you through the windswept Arctic Circle & across the top of the world. Canada is home to narwhals & polar bears & the best Arctic diving. Experience Alaska, the wild west, or the historic Atlantic coast of the United States. Or, head to the tropics where luaus & relaxation await in the Hawaiian Islands. Contact us to start planning your expedition in North America!
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All North America Tours

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North America is a land of great natural diversity, from its glacial crown in the Arctic Circle of Canada's Northern territories all the way down through the fertile Great Plains of the United States of America. A cruise to this great continent could acquaint you with any of these beautiful regions:

The Northwest Passage
Journey across the Arctic just as the explorers did, as you witness the incredible wildlife that lives at the top of the world and crush through the frozen waters aboard a real ice breaker or research vessel.

From Quebec to British Columbia to Newfoundland, Canada forms the largest country in the Americas and features magnificent fjords, sweeping glaciers, soaring mountain ranges, and shocking biodiversity on the snow-covered land & in the icebound seas.

The Pacific Northwest
Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers, like Lewis & Clark, who first explored the United States' western boundaries. See the proud Rocky Mountains up close and kayak along the mighty rivers that traverse these Pacific plains, where massive grizzlies snatch their dinner from the roaring rivers. 

The Atlantic Coast
As you cruise from the cold Canadian waters of Newfoundland and Quebec, you'll visit the tranquil coasts of Maine, known for its exquisite lobsters. Then you'll head to the world-renowned harbors of Boston & the metropolitan capital of the Western Hemisphere – New York City.

Get to know the northernmost part of the United States, where kayaking, trekking, and wilderness exploration are at the heart of your expedition, and a visit to natural wonders like Glacier Bay National Park will leave you in awe at nature's pristine beauty.

Born of fire, this volcanic archipelago in the tropical Pacific will enchant you with its relaxing island atmosphere and turquoise waters.

Immerse yourself in the unique Mexican culture, as you witness Mayan ruins, hike & bike your way through the Copper Canyon, and explore the Yucatan.


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