Insider Tips: Milongas in Buenos Aires

Visit some of Buenos Aires' best Milongas Visit some of Buenos Aires' best Milongas

The first is a series of insider tips to best help you explore Argentina's Buenos Aires -- I begin with some of its best Milongas. Milonga refers to a place or event where the tango is danced, as well as the enchanting music that accompanies a tango. These Milongas are frequented by milongueros, expert tango dancers looking for a partner. Wallflowers beware; chances are great that you will be asked to tango!

Milonga La Nacional Mondays 19 hrs, Wednesdays 21 hrs.
Milonga NiƱo Bien Only Thursdays 23 hrs. (Check out the photo gallery!)
Milonga Salon Canning Fridays, Sundays and Mondays 23 hrs.