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Listen to the cultural steel-drums of Brazil
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Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro
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The beautiful waters of Ilha Grande
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Explore the jungle regions of Paraty on your Brazil tour
A Complex and Beautiful Culture
Brazilian culture is a rich blend of European, African, and indigenous elements, which varies strongly by region. As shown through dance, cuisine, religion, and devotion to football, Brazil culture is varied and rich.
Beautiful Brazil
Brazil is by far the largest country in South America. From the Amazon to the coast, it hosts a vast array of wildlife and landscapes within its borders. Before your trip, learn more about this fascinating South American country
Brazil Weather
As the savvy traveler has probably already figured out, Brazil’s weather is as variable as its landscape. The equator bisects the country, and so 90% of the country is tropical. Temperatures along the equator are hot with next to no seasonal variation.
Brazil's Ancient History
A brief overview of the ancient history of Brazil dating back to prehistory up through its colonization through the late 1800s.
Brazil's Modern History
A short summary of Brazil's modern history, from the Napoleanic Wars to the modern times.
Brazil's Political Structure
Brazil is a democratic republic with a governing president. The National Congress addresses grievances of widespread concern, often in response to peaceful protests.
Brazilian Cuisine
The cuisine of Brazil is just as diverse as the rest of its culture, mixed with flavours from Portugal, Africa, and its own indigenous peoples.
Colonization of Brazil
This article provides a brief history of Brazil from its first discovery in 1500 to its current political situation. Get to know this country better before your trip with this informative article.
Diverse Landscape
Brazil is the largest of South America's countries and contains some amazing features such as the Amazon Basin, a diverse coastline, and the widest waterfall in the world, Iguassu Falls. Also enjoy the cultural hubs of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.
The Brazilian environment is incredibly rich in natural resources, not to mention the first-place winner of the world’s biodiversity. Many species living in the rainforest are thought to be undiscovered.
A hidden coastal gem is Santa Catarina, which is also known as Florianopolis or Floripa. An island located roughly 200 miles southwest of Sao Paulo, it can be reached by bride, ferry, or short domestic flight.
Geography of Brazil
Brazil is a diverse country, offering forested plains and mountain ridges, the Amazon rainforest basin and Pantanal, along with some of the world's most beautiful beaches.
Incredible Numbers of Wildlife
Brazil is known to have some of the highest numbers of wildlife in any country in the world: the most mammals, highest primate diversity, and highest number of terrestrial vertebrates and invertebrates in general. A Brazil tour is sure to reveal an aston
Indigenous Peoples
Brazil's ancient history starts with it's early inhabitants of North Asia which were a hunter/gatherer civilization. European diseases and the rubber exploration have been a couple of many challenges for native people of Brazil.
Introducing Brazil!
Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, with geographic and cultural diversity to match. Whether you are looking for exotic natural beauty, exceptional human accomplishments, or simply a relaxing time wit