Paradise Lodge

Kayakers set out from Paradise Lodge's "over the water" cabanas
Paradise Lodge's beachfront cabanas
Paradise Resort cabanas on Tobacco Caye
Ocean views from Paradise Lodge
Relaxing on one of Paradise Lodge's "over the water" cabana porches

Tobacco Caye is the perfect getaway. It has soft, sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms, warm water, world-class snorkeling, and diving right off the beach. At the very most, you'll be sharing the island with 100 people.

Paradise Lodge
Looking north over the Belize Barrier Reef, Paradise Lodge has small private "over the water" thatched roof beach cabanas on beautiful Tobacco Caye. Each of the 6 cabanas features a deck over the water, offering idyllic places to rest and private views of the beautiful Caribbean. Rainwater showers and simple yet clean accommodations offer comfort to adventurers. The small, locally owned lodge is a perfect staging point to explore the many islands, mangrove ranges, and spectacular snorkeling in "Tobacco Cut" just south of the island.

Note: There are no electricity or water utilities on the island. There is some electrical service via generator, but be prepared for limited hours.

Tobacco Caye
Tobacco Caye is a 5 acre sandbar about a half an hour from the mainland, in the middle of the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, at the northern edge of the South Water Cayes Marine Reserve. Tobacco Caye is a place to lay out on the beach or a hammock, relax, redefine the definition of relaxing or read a book. Children enjoy the relative freedom the small island allows. Many follow the paths of hermit crabs for hours or pet the few resident cats and dogs. While on Tobacco Caye, your only obligations are to go to meals when they are ready and settle your bill at the end. There are no televisions, public telephones or internet access. This is a place to separate from your busy life back home and connect with yourself, your family, friends, other travelers and the island and her 25 or so native inhabitants.