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Exploring Valparaiso...AND Learning The Subway System
To Chile, Argentina and Back Again - The Trip of a Lifetime

It's a LOOONG way up to the top of Cerro San CristobalIt's a LOOONG way up to the top of Cerro San Cristobal (Jesson Burnam)
With Jay at the helm, we conquered the Santiago subway system and boarded a bus headed for Valparaiso – a quaint port town and home of the late artist Pablo Neruda. After a daylong excursion in Valparaiso and a ton of walking, we headed back to Santiago to enjoy our last dinner in the city in a famous rotating restaurant called Giratorio. Foreshadowing began when the waiter asked, “Estas matrimonio?” Another beautiful night in the bustling city before we’re off to the wilds of Patagonia…

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