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Flying To Cusco
Exploring Peru

SacsayhuamanSacsayhuaman (Mindy Teini)
Today we flew to Cusco! This city has real soul compared to Lima. I am super excited to be up at elevation where the air is a bit thinner and I feel like I can breathe again. This is the city I was imagining in Peru, all the stone work, the tiny streets, the markets. We took an afternoon walking tour and hit many of the main sites (churches, museums, catacombs, etc). We checked into the Hotel Monasterio, This hotel is one of Peru’s most famous, and most luxurious! It was converted from an old monastery that was built on even older Incan walls, and each of the rooms is decorated differently and tries to reflect the history and culture of the place. Personally, I thought our room was a bit small, and was glad that we would only be sleeping there. But, what the room lacked in space, the common areas certainly made up for! There was a beautiful dining area, & outdoor plaza. We took an afternoon walking tour seeing the main square, the Cathedral and the "Korikancha" temple of the sun. There is a ton to see here! I am glad that we have more time to explore!

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