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The Sacred Valley
Exploring Peru

our biking routeour biking route (Mindy Teini)
Everyone says you can feel the magic in Cusco, but for me the real magic happens in the less visited Sacred Valley along the Urubamba River! This is my magical place! The people are wonderful, the food was amazing and the surroundings are like nothing I have ever seen! Our first day in Urubamba was spent visiting a small animal refuge in between Cusco and Urubamba. The place might have been small, but the heart is huge; they are there to care for injured animals and hopefully release them back into the wild at some point! You can get uncomfortably close to a condor, which made for quite the photo opportunity, and there is everything from cuddly looking, but vicious mountain cats to llamas to pumas! We moved on to a textile shop that had the women weaving on site! We ate lunch at this amazing Italian villa in the middle of the Sacred Valley!! When we arrived in town, we stopped at a whole in the wall shop to pick up school supplies for a local elementary school and headed to the Rio Sagrado for the night!

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