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Cusco, take 2
Exploring Peru

Fish face with an Alpaca hatFish face with an Alpaca hat (Mindy Teini)
Today is our last day in Cusco. We wandered down to a market near the hotel and started walking through all the stalls. Then we saw it: this small (ie. packable) painting of 4 travelers hiking. It was really neat, kind of primitive, but we both loved it. We decided on the price that we would pay for this piece even before heading over. When we got there the lady in the shop told us that the picture was the equivalent to US$40. We were sold! As she was taking it down, she asked us if we wanted to meet the artist. ''Of Course!!'' we said. She walked us into the shop and introduced us to her 7 year old son. He was embarrassed that we liked his painting, and we couldn't believe we were buying kid art! We told him he was very talented and had him sign the back of his painting. What a story!

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