Chichen Itza

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The Standard hotels are our primary hotel choices in this location, though availability is not guaranteed. If a given hotel is not available for your tour date, we will reserve you a room at a hotel of similar appeal and quality in the same area.

Standard Accommodations

Mayaland Hotel

Mayaland is a creation of Old Yucatan, built and operated by its original owners and their descendents in a style reminiscent of the hacienda nobility of a century ago. Located in the heart of the archaeological park of Chichen Itza, over 100 acres of gardens surround the main house and its outlying Mayan bungalows, offering a choice of accommodations.

Soak in the sun by Mayaland Hotel's pool

Upgrade Accommodations

The Lodge at Chichen Itza

The Lodge at Chichen Itza is an intimate facility that serves only individual travelers, ensuring a restful stay after busy exploration of the archaeological sites. The Lodge at Chichen Itza sits on 100 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in the heart of the archaeological park, with its own entrance to the Mayan temples.

Experience a warm welcome at the Lodge at Chichen Itza