A Holiday Poem from Adventure Life travelers, Sandi and Joe Costa

We received the most charming holiday card in the mail last week from our travelers, Sandi and Joe Costa, who joined us on a custom Peru adventure in October. And while I'd like to take credit for the Mick Jagger sighting, I'll admit, that wasn't part of the original itinerary. Enjoy a little holiday cheer, compliments of the Costas... Saludos!

Good travels and good cheer, from Adventure Life travelers, the Costas Good travels and good cheer, from Adventure Life travelers, the Costas

Twas a year full of wonder and shiny new things
And hearts filled with the joy that true happiness brings
We had new adventures and made some new friends
We even went digital with new camera and lens

We had the good fortune to dance quite a lot
Waltzes and cha chas, and of course, the foxtrot
The chamarita in Gridley’s Portuguese hall
When we danced in Peru, twas the most fun of all

For the Art Deco Ball, Joe donned white tie and tails
At the Gatsby picnic, his seersucker prevailed
Sandra dressed as a wench for the Renaissance Faire
To Dickens a silk gown and a bonnet she’ll wear

We traveled a bit, as we both love to do
A quick trip to Boston where they serve lobster stew
On his fly fishing trip Joey stayed in Dunsmuir
He caught lots of fish with a new partner this year

Our bestest trip ever, our trip to Peru
An amazing adventure to Machu Picchu
A few days in Lima, bumped into Mick Jagger
We hiked in the Andes which made our legs stagger

We ate the ceviche, and guinea pig too
A few pisco sours, goodnight and whoo hoo
Arequipa, a city of charm so delightful
The poverty there, overwhelmingly frightful

Saw condors, guanaco, alpaca and llama
Were guests of a family on Lake Titicaca
An Andean train ride which began in Puno
We gawked at the scenery all the way to Cusco

For four days we trekked on the high Inca Trail
A 14,000 foot pass our poor lungs did assail
With porters to carry all of our belongings
And Vidal there to guide us, we thought we were kings

Climbed on stone stairways which made our knees ache
Inca temples of stonework, their meanings opaque
Butterflies, lichen, and orchids in blossom
Our escapades there were amazingly awesome

Finally, this year, to hold Joe’s book collection
We built a library with shelves of perfection
The other thing perfect, is dear Joey’s health
Ten years without cancer, now how’s that for wealth?!

May your stockings be filled with good health and good cheer
And may happiness find you throughout the whole year