At Sea - Crossing the Equator
Andrea Repositioning November 2008

Up early to see St Paul's Rock. The top of a mountain in the middle of the Atlantic which , from it's base is nearly as high as Everest . Quite spectacular. Lots of boobies around the ship and a pod of bottle nosed dolphins bow waved and as we are able to go to the bow of the ship, we were able to take photographs.
At 11.00 Captain Neptune boarded and those passengers and crew who had not "crossed the line" before , were initiated and champagne was served to all.
A hot dog and hamburger barbecue lunch on deck.
The usual afternoon spent resting and reading and chatting to passengers before cocktails at 6.30 and dinner at 7.30.
Dinner had been slowly creeper forward to 6.30 but after a chat to the Hotel Manager, it was advised that passengers could dine at any time that would suit.