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At Sea

As the Andrea is a small ship, she does tend to roll a little which explains why the chairs are all bolted down and the drawers and cupboards have special locks to prevent them banging during the night. A situation it took me a little while to figure out . The morning spent exploring the ship and getting the feel of the ocean. With so few passengers , there is lots of space if one wants to curl up with a good book or just sit and watch the waves. I am very impressed with the facilities and look of the ship which is decorated in what could be described as Swedish Modern (all pale blues and yellow / grey and white ). A very attractive dining room which served a very pleasant lunch. Unfortunately , the swells had increased and lunch and glasses of wine went flying. The crew were so quick in restoring everything, we hardly missed a beat. Only to have it happen again. This time one grabbed the glass of wine first rather than lose it. At least it broke the ice and made lunch a much jollier affair.
In the afternoon a lecture by Kevin the on-board lecturer and specialist in all things marine ( both fish and fowl ).Todays lecture was on whales . The captains cocktail party cancelled due to the swell but dinner proceeded normally.

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