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Are We There Yet?
Antarctica Adventure with Sea Kayaking

As we await our first sighting of our destination,
This dream, we all hold so dear,
We have time for a learning session or two
Jenny, our biologist, has our undivided attention, as we wait to hear

Lessons about the albatross and seabirds
That will accompany us on our voyage on the sea
We'll learn about the different penguins and their habitat
There's so much to experience and see

Another lecture is on whales and seals
We are more excited with each moment that goes by
Breathtaking photos lie ahead for us
Endless possibilites with an illuminating sky

We saw our first iceberg and whale sightings
And to most of us, a wondrous sight to see
Little did we know of the spectacular things to come
Close encounters and very personal they will be