High Arctic Adventure Cruise

Clayton Anderson
A seagull flies above the glassy water of Dundas Harbor
Clayton Anderson
Explore the mysterious polar waters by zodiac with your fellow travelers
Clayton Anderson
Relish the open spaces of Beechey Island on your Arctic cruise
Clayton Anderson
Reminders of past communities are scattered througout the Arctic region
Clayton Anderson
Zodiacs will transport you to shore for your Arctic explorations
Enjoy a book in the Sea Adventurer's library.
Relax in the Sea Adventurer's main lounge.
It’s a special kind of adventure trip that begins, and ends, in a town called Resolute! Even in summer, the High Arctic is a remote and challenging environment; go where the ice lets you go. But aboard the Sea Adventurer, you will travel in comfort, to places few ever venture on this epic Arctic expedition cruise.

Day 1

    Resolute / Embark

    Arriving in Resolute this afternoon, embark the Sea Adventurer and settle into your new home for the upcoming Arctic expedition.

    Day 2

      Devon Island

      The largest uninhabited island in the world supports significant concentrations of wildlife, including 26 species of seabirds and 11 species of marine mammals.

      At Dundas Harbour find the lonely remains of an RCMP station dating from the 1920s.

      Day 3

        Coburg Island

        At the entrance to Jones Sound is Coburg Island, whose spectacular seabird cliffs are a designated National Wildlife Area.

        30,000 pairs of black-legged kittiwakes and 160,000 pairs of thick-billed murres crowd the rocky ledges on this island almost completely covered by an ice cap.

        Day 4

          Qaannaq, Greenland

          Originally located 100km to the south, the present day community of Qaanaaq was relocated to accommodate the American Air Force base extension at Thule in 1952. The region, however, has a much more lengthy history, with archaeological evidence suggesting habitation over the past 4,000 years.

          It was from Qaanaaq that seven of Knud Rasmussen’s expeditions set out, and it was also from here that the American explorer Robert Peary embarked on his journey to reach the North Pole in 1909.

          The inhabitants, Inughuit, are fine artisans and beautiful small carvings and jewellery can be purchased.

          Days 5-7

            Exploring Smith Sound

            Spend these days exploring north into this fabled body of water that served as the main route for explorers and adventurers searching for the North Pole.

            Adolphus Greely, Sir George Nares and Elisha Kent Kane all travelled these waters with varying degrees of success.

            The Sound was named by William Baffin after Sir Thomas Smythe, promoter of voyages to find a Northwest Passage. Only 48-72km wide and 88km long, it is often packed with ice and provides favorable conditions for wildlife viewing.

            Day 8

              Aujuittuq (Grise Fiord)

              Aujuittuq means 'place that never thaws,' and at 1,150km above the Arctic Circle, it is Canada's northernmost civilian community. Be welcomed into this peaceful and warm hamlet, with its population of around 165 people.

              Your activities will center around the school where you will have a chance to meet members of the community and learn about their way of life.

              Day 9

                Devon Island

                We have spotted walrus, polar bear, muskox and caribou here.

                At Croker Bay, have a chance to Zodiac cruise though this scenic body of water and marvel at icebergs, freshly calved from the glacier at the head of the bay.

                Day 10

                  Beechey Island

                  In 1845 Sir John Franklin took his expedition of 129 men in two ships into the Wellington Channel. Not a soul returned from the fateful expedition.

                  It was two years before search parties were launched. Aside from the bodies of three souls buried here, only relics were found as clues to the disappearance. Until recently, the three graves had left no indication as to the fate of the rest of the British party.

                  Such is the interest in this story, the Canadian government recently announced a new initiative to locate the missing Franklin vessels.

                  Day 11

                    Resolute / Disembark

                    Your return to Resolute allows time to visit the Thule site close to the township, wonder at the whales bones attached to buildings in the village and to consider the effects of relocating people to this land.

                    Bid farewell to the Arctic as your flight departs south.

                    - Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and represent costs per person, double occupancy. Request the Twin Share Program where you are matched with a cabin mate of the same gender. Even if a cabin mate is not found for you, no single supplement will be charged.
                    -Cabins are available for single occupancy at 1.6 times the double occupancy rate. The supplement for a suite is 2 times the shared rate.

                    What's Included:
                    - All entry & park fees
                    - Your complete itinerary
                    - Team of resource specialists
                    - Educational program and pre-departure materials
                    - All shipboard meals
                    - All Zodiac excursions
                    - Service charges and port fees

                    What's Not Included:
                    - Commercial and/or charter flights
                    - Mandatory medical / evacuation insurance
                    - Personal expenses
                    - Additional expenses in the event of delays or Itinerary changes
                    - Discretionary gratuities to ship's crew (approximately $10 - 14 per passenger per day)
                    - Visas, or inoculations, if required
                    - Possible fuel surcharges
                    - $250 Discovery Fund Fee
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