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Join us on an expedition to the northernmost parts of the world on a cruise of the Northwest Passage. Enjoy the unique & comfortable accommodations aboard small cruise ships with hardened hulls that boldly push through the frigid waters connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. You can also board the research ships or the expedition ships for a different take on an Arctic cruise. No matter which small ship cruise you choose, you will have exclusive access to one of the most remote corners of the world, where the fascinating wildlife of the untamed wilderness can be seen & the colors of Aurora Borealis light up the night sky. Contact us to start planning your trip. 
Northwest Passage Cruises

10 Best Northwest Passage Cruises for 2024-2025

Northwest Passage Cruises
Northwest Passage Cruises

6 Northwest Passage Cruise Deals

Trip NameSaveFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Out of the Northwest PassageSavings$1399517Sep 12, 2024The Northwest Passage remains one of the world’s last true frontiers. Embark on the Ocean Endeavour for a 17-day Arctic cruise to the far reaches …
Complete Northwest PassageSavings$3579530Aug 17, 2024Join this spectacular 30-dayComplete Northwest Passage Expedition aboard Sylvia Earle and encounter enigmatic Arctic wildlife, including walrus, …
Into the Northwest PassageSavings$1399517Aug 27, 2024Board the ice-strengthened Ocean Endeavor expedition ship on this 17-day Arctic cruise from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland through the legendary Northwest …
Voyage to the Northwest PassageSavings$1688018Sep 8, 2024Discover the Canadian Arctic on this 18-day expedition cruise roundtrip Kangerlussuaq aboard the SH Vega. This cruise takes you to a region of great …
High Arctic ExplorerSavings$999512Aug 3, 2024Explore the high Arctic on this 12-day expedition cruise aboard the ice-class Ocean Endeavour. Departing from Resolute Bay high in the Arctic Circle, …
Northwest PassageSavings$2109517Jul 20, 2024Join this spectacular 17-day Northwest Passage Expedition aboard Sylvia Earle and encounter enigmatic Arctic wildlife, including walrus, beluga …
Northwest Passage Cruises

Top 8 Luxury Northwest Passage Cruises

Northwest Passage Cruises
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Northwest Passage Travel Tips & Guide

    As your ship breaks its way through the icy waters at the top of the world, you will feel just like the explorers of yesteryear, as they set forth to connect the two sides of the world via the Northwest Passage. On your cruise don't miss:
    • The flora & fauna of the Arctic, including the great migrations of the beluga & narwhals, kittiwakes & other Arctic birds, seals & polar bears. Snowmobiles offer a great way to see this wildlife.
    • Baffin Island, at the mouth of the Northwest Passage, where you can trek across glaciers and hike the trails at Qikiqtarjuaq.
    • Karrat Fjord, one of Greenland's most impresive fjords, where stone cliffs highlight the landscape & wildlife abounds.
    • Somerset Island, in the depths of the Arctic Circle, is home to caribou, musk ox, and thousands of birds.
    • Beechey Island, where solemn gravemarkers honor Franklin's lost crew of pioneers, and Caswall Tower offers a great lookout for polar bears.
    Northwest Passage Geography: Major Ports & Islands

    The Northwest Passage is a traditional sea route passing through the Arctic Circle connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic Ocean along the northern coasts of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.

    Greenland - Kangerlussuaq, a small town known for its airport, is Greenland’s major international transport hub and the start and finish point of many Northwestern Passage cruises and others that cruise to Iceland.

    Canada - Resolute is a small Inuit town in the Nunavut Territory and home of the Resolute Bay Airport (YRB) where adventurers can access Baffin Island, Devon Island, Beechey Island, and Ellesmere Islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. On continental Canada, Kugluktuk (Coppermine) and the Kugluktuk Airport (YCO) is another Inuit town used to access the Northwest Passage.

    Alaska - Nome is home to the Nome Airport (OME) and port for some excellent Arctic cruises.

    Highlighted Luxury Small Ships to the Norwest Passage

    These three sister ships, run by the French Ponant cruise line offer unique itineraries on stylish, ultra-modern cruise ships featuring French-style service and cuisine. 

    These ships provide a unique, luxurious way to explore the Arctic regions of the planet:
    How to get to the Northwest Passage
    Depending on where your itinerary starts, you'll need to book a flight to the closest airport. We can help you arrange flights and trasnportation. Here's a guide to get started:
    • Greenland – The Kangerlussuaq Airport is one of only two airports in Greenland and the best for our Northwest Passage itineraries.
    • Nunavut & Edmonton – If you're flying into this far-north territory of Canada, make sure to plan an extra day of travel before in case extreme weather conditions affect your flight.
    • Ottawa – This international airport offers a good gateway to Passage expeditions.
    Cruises through the Northwest Passage often include itineraries that visit Norway, Iceland, and Greenland, and even occasionally go as far as Russia

    Northwest Passage Travel FAQs

    At the very top of Canada's Arctic territory, you find the legendary Northwest Passage. It is considerably more isolated than the more developed parts of Canada and therefore some of the expectations you might have for the rest of the country aren't true here. On the other hand, it is Canadian territory, so many of the general FAQs can be found at the bottom of our Canada page.

    Do I need a visa to travel to the Northwest Passage?
    No, but you do need to pay a small fee for an electronic travel authorization.

    Is tipping customary in the Northwest Passage?
    The crew, captain, and guide will appreciate your tips as a way of thanking them for their friendly and courteous care, but tips are never required. Our Northwest Passage excursions seldom visit places where tipping is expected.

    What is the internet access like in the Northwest Passage?
    You will probably not have access to the internet in the Northwest Passage because of its extreme isolation from the rest of civilization. It is possible that you will have some internet access when you are in the ports at the beginning and end of your trip.

    Can I use my cell phone while in the Northwest Passage?
    For most of your journey, other than the beginning and end, you will likely be far out of range of cell towers and therefore will probably not get any cell coverage.

    Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
    You will find the same 110V, 3-prong sockets throughout all of North America. You will need a Type B adapter and power converter if you have appliances that have a different plug or power rating.

    What are the toilets like in the Northwest Passage?
    Cruise ships have standard flushing toilets.
    Can I drink the water in the Northwest Passage?
    You will always have access to clean drinking water on your cruise ship or at your lodge.

    Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
    Definitely! We always encourage travelers to purchase travel insurance just in case. Check out this page for more information and exclusive discounts.

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