Cool Art - Brazilian Carnival

I received this update from one of the coolest shopping sites on the Web - Novica features indigenous art from around the world and in honor of Carnival in Brazil today, they're featuring discounts from the artist below. We also have a new tour that includes a few days in Rio, as well as days in Santiago and Buenos Aires - click here for the tour

Check it out at:

From Novica:
Dear Friends,

I still remember the first time I participated in the big
Carnaval parade -- from the inside! With hundreds of other
artists and workers, I helped decorate the floats. Now, years
later, each time I see the parade, I think about the many people
behind the scenes who work hard to make this spectacular show

As we enjoy Carnaval here in Rio together with our communities
and tourists from around the world, we're excited to announce a
sitewide Brazil sale in honor of Carnaval!