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El Valle
Monika and Jens visit Panama and Costa Rica!

After this, we continued by car to drive 2 hours to another mountain town called El Valle. This town is situated inside the crater of an old volcano that erupted 3000 years ago. We checked in to our bed and breakfast just before a rainstorm came. While in this area we went to go visit the local zoo, where we saw many different animals including monkeys, ostriches, ocelots, crocodiles, tapirs, and many birds. After this, we headed to the nearby hot springs for a soak in the thermal bath water. The hot springs themselves didn’t consist of much, only about 3 pools of different temperatures. We then wandered through town, had lunch at a local café and perused the handicraft market before walking back in pouring rain to where we were staying. Taxis only cost around $1-2 for the ride in this area, but we decided to be adventurous and get soaking wet!