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The gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral towers over the streets of Paris

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Whether cruising down one of France's romantic rivers or crusing the French Riviera on the Mediterranean, we'll savor the flavors of French cuisine, wine and culture in style and comfort as we explore the countryside on foot and bike - with wine tasting glass in hand. From Paris, embark on a cruise of the Seine River all the way to the Beaches of Normandy. From Bordeaux board a river cruise through the world's most famous wine region. Sail the mighty Rhine River from Franco-German city of Strasbourg. From Lyon, sail on the Rhone and Saone Rivers all the way to the Mediterranean. Small ship cruises of the Mediterranean visit the Provincal hotspots of Cannes and Nice, and the French Island of Corsica. Contact one of our French cruise experts to start planing your dream cruise today.

10 Best Cruises to France for 2019-2020

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10 Best French Riviera Mediterranean Cruises

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Nice Round Trip$33455Oct 8, 2020Explore new horizons and experience a captivating sailing adventure on this 5-day round trip French cruise aboard the modern Sea Cloud Spirit. Start …
Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice$45998Sep 19, 2020Join the SeaDream I on this unique 8-day sailing adventure. Cruise across the Mediterranean on your way from Civitavecchia, Italy, exploring Corsica …
Corsica, Sardinia & the Riviera$19208Sep 19, 2020Join the Royal Clipper on an exciting 8-day sailing expedition that takes you to Corsica, Sardinia, and French Riviera.
Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice$751510Sep 29, 2020Embark on the Sea Cloud Spirit for a 10-day cruise of the Western Mediterranean from Civitavecchia all the way to Nice. Discover Civitavecchia, …
Nice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$25995May 25, 2020Join the SeaDream I on this unique 5-day sailing adventure. Cruise across the Mediterranean on your way from Nice, France, to the charming Italian …
Corsica & Monaco$11005Sep 15, 2020Explore Corsica and Monaco aboard the Royal Clipper on an exclusive 5-day adventure sailing from Italy to France.
Grand Voyage: Corsica, Balearic & Morocco$315013Oct 10, 2020Join the Royal Clipper on a spectacular 13-day sailing expedition exploring France, Spain, and Morocco, with stops in Cannes, Casablanca, Ibiza, …
Civitavecchia to Barcelona$44998Oct 3, 2020The world's ancient capitals and cities are yours to explore on this exciting 8-day Mediterranean cruise. Begin in Rome and board the SeaDream I, …
Nice to Barcelona$58458Oct 12, 2020Board the Sea Cloud Spirit for a remarkable 8-day sailing expedition visiting France and Spain. Explore the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean, …
Nice to Civitavecchia$44998Sep 26, 2020Join the SeaDream I on this unique 8-day sailing adventure. Cruise across the Mediterranean on your way from Nice, France to the charming island of …

10 Best Rhine River Cruises from France

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Gastronomic: Around the World in Culinary Delights$8844Nov 8, 2020Join the MS Leonard De Vinci on a unique 4-day cruise in France that mixes the stunning beauty, history, and charm of the Strasbourg region with a …
Grand Gastronomic Cruise on the Rhine$11504Nov 5, 2019Join this amazing 4-day cruise aboard MS Leonard De Vinci visiting places that will tickle your taste buds. Pleasure yourself with Marc Haeberlin's …
Two-River Cruise The Romance of the Moselle and Rhine$14195Jul 19, 2020Join the MS Monet on a spectacular 5-day cruise of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. En route from Trier to Strasbourg, visit Cochem, Koblenz, and Mainz, …
Medieval Treasures - Cruise Only$27998Nov 7, 2019Discover this medieval region of Germany, France, and Switzerland on a unique 8-day Rhine & Main River cruise aboard the MS Amadante, including …
Captivating Rhine - Cruise Only$26998Nov 4, 2019Enjoy an 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Basel along the Rhine River aboard the MS AmaMora. You will enjoy an extensive lineup of standard tours and …
Christmas Markets on the Rhine - Cruise Only$30998Nov 25, 2019Explore the Rhine River on this 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Basel aboard the MS AmaMora. Experience the deep-rooted Christmas holiday traditions …
Enchanting Alsace, Switzerland, the Rhine Valley, and the Moselle River$20916Jun 28, 2020Join MS Monet on an incredible 6-day adventure and discover Strasbourg, Basel, Breisach, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Rudesheim, Koblenz, Cochem and more!
The Rhine in Flames$18785Jul 2, 2020The Rhine in Flames gives you a front row seat to the biggest fireworks show in Germany, from aboard the MS Gerard Schmitter, on this 5-day roundtrip …
An Exceptional Cruise: Three Different Countries (Germany, Switzerland and France)$15445Jul 29, 2020Visit Breisach, Mulhouse, Basel, Lake Constance, Mainau Island and many more small towns and attractions along the Rhine River on this 5-day river …
An Exceptional Cruise: Three Different Countries$15445May 23, 2020Visit Breisach, Mulhouse, Basel, Lake Constance, Mainau Island and many more small towns and attractions along the Rhine River on this 5-day river …

French Cruises by Experience

10 Best Luxury Cruises to France for 2019-2020

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Colors of Provence - Cruise Only$30998Oct 24, 2019Embark the MS Amacello in Arles, France for your week-long cruise through France's legendary wine regions, including Cotes du Rhone, Burgundy and …
Taste of Bordeaux - Cruise Only 2020$30998Mar 19, 2020Board an enchanting 8-day round-trip cruise from Bordeaux to Libourne on the MS Amadolce. Visit the towns of Cadillac, Pauillac, Bourg, Libourne, and …
Southern Burgundy Cruise$53507Apr 5, 2020Board L’Impressionniste for this 7-day cruise which will take you on a tour that starts and ends in Paris. View the beautiful French countryside …
Taste of Bordeaux - Cruise Only$31998Oct 24, 2019Board an enchanting 8-day round-trip cruise from Bordeaux to Libourne on the MS Amadolce. Visit the towns of Cadillac, Pauillac, Bourg, Libourne, and …
Nice to Civitavecchia via St. Florent$37998May 29, 2021Join the SeaDream I on this unique 8-day sailing adventure. Cruise across the Mediterranean on your way from Nice, France to the charming island of …
Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only$30998Oct 31, 2019Embark the MS Amalyra for an 8-day luxury river cruise along France's beautiful Seine River, exploring the haunting but beautiful beaches of …
Colors of Provence$531914Oct 28, 2019Spend 3 nights in the charming city of Paris, then travel by high-speed TGV train to Lyon and embark upon an enchanting cruise through Provence. Take …
Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice$45998Sep 19, 2020Join the SeaDream I on this unique 8-day sailing adventure. Cruise across the Mediterranean on your way from Civitavecchia, Italy, exploring Corsica …
Lisbon to London$774013May 7, 2020This 13-Day cruise from Lisbon to London will lead you to one discovery after another while visiting Portugal, Spain, France and finally Britain …
The îles du Ponant$33908Apr 19, 2020Set sail aboard the L’Austral for an exceptional 8-day cruise along the coast of Brittany. The Ponant Islands are scattered off the Breton …

France Cruising Tips & Travel Guide

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The Rivers and Waterways of France
From cosmopolitan Paris to the glamorous coastal French Riviera to the ancient and beautiful borderlands with Germany, the rivers and waterways of France wind through all corners of this country and offer excellent opportunities for classic European river cruises.
  • Seine River- Embark in Paris en route to the cliffs and beaches of Normandy. Along this historic cruise, you will pass through the quaint towns of Giverny, Les Andelys, Honfleur, Duclair and Jumièges, where you'll see the birthplace of impressionism along with royal chateauxs. 
  • Rhine River - Cruise into the scenic heart of Europe from the French city of Strasbourg on the border with Germany. From here, your cruise will take you through a land of sweeping green valleys, castles, and traditional cuisine, passing through Germany, Switzerland, and Amsterdam.
  • Rhone & Saone Rivers - There's no better river for wine lovers to cruise than the Rhone, originating high in the Swiss Alps and eventually joining the Saone to flow into the Mediterranean. On these relaxed-pace river cruises, the smells of lavendar and savory flavors of wine highlight the itinerary.
  • Bordeaux River - Get a taste of the old-fashioned way of life and sample some of France's best vintages cruising the Bordeaux River, from Bordeaux visiting Cadillac, Pauillac, Saint-Émilion and Libourne and Bourg. These are great cruises for active travelers hoping to hike and bike along the way!
  • French Mediterranean - Of course, if you're looking for a Mediterranean cruise along the sun-kissed and celebrity filled beaches of the coast, head to Nice, where you can embark on an unforgettable cruise of the French Riviera, just like the rich and famous have done for centuries, since British monarchs came to these shores to escape the cold northern winters!
When to Visit France
France stretches from the mild Mediterranean all the way into central Europe, bordering Germany and just across the canal from the United Kingdom, so depending on where you plan to visit the temperature could be very different. 

In the northern part of the country, from Paris all the way to Strasbourg, the summer months tend to be warm with sunny days and occassional showers. Evenings can be a bit chilly even in summer. Winters here are cold and snowy. 

Along the Mediterranean coast, temperatures are chillier in the winter and hot in the summer, but do tend towards mild year round. 

Most river cruises in France are planned during the late spring, summer, and fall months. Mediterranean crusies might have more flexible itineraries later into the year.

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France FAQs

Why should I choose a France cruise?
Cruises are quickly becoming the most popular way to explore Europe, and France is no exception. With options to cruise the Mediterranean, the Rhone River, and the Seine River, you'll be able to see all that France has to offer from the comfort of a cruise ship or riverboat. The advantage to the cruise is that for the all-inclusive price, you will get lodging, meals, and all daily excursions and tours at a tremendous value. Plus, since your hotel is your transportation, you won't have to pack and unpack every time you visit a new city and you will awake each day with wonderful new views of the French countryside right from your cabin window. 

What should I look for on a cruise ship or riverboat in France?
It all depends on whether you're looking for a ship that explores the coastal regions and Mediterranean or a riverboat. The sea-going boats are larger mega-yachts that are often between first class and luxurious. Riverboats feature fewer amenities due to the size restrictions, but you can count on comfortable cabins, a spacious bar & lounge, and a panoramic sun deck.

Are there 5-star river vessels in France?
Some of our yachts could be considered five-stars, but the river vessels have more confined space constrictions, limiting the amount of social areas and amenities, which means that they generally don't qualify as 5-star vessels. At least not yet – remember that river cruising is a new trend in European tourism, so it's probable that in the next few years, they will debut several world class five star vessels.

Should I get a room with a balcony?
Not necessarily. Some travelers feel that a balcony is a "must" for their cruise experience – if you're in this group, then go for it. Otherwise, consider a room with floor-to-ceiling windows or a sliding glass door that opens up to the fresh air. This will save you considerable money and might even afford you more floor space in your cabin. Plus, you can always go to the sundeck to take in the panoramic views and crisp French air.

What is dining like?
It's no secret that one of the highlights of a French vacation is the cuisine, and our Adventure Life tours are no exception. No matter which part of France you are visiting, you will find gourmet cuisine prepared by local chefs.

Do river cruises ever visit destinations that aren't on the river?
Usually. The truth is, the waterways of France already provide access to some of the best sites, like the Seine River which winds from Paris through Normandy and the Rhone River in the southern part of the country. And French Mediterranean cruises stick to the sea. If there is a destination that is not on the river or sea route, you will dock in the closest port so that you can transfer to the site by luxury coach. 

Will my vessel have WiFi?
You will probably have internet access throughout most of your cruise, but it's possible that your vessel will not be equipped or that you will be out of range at some point in your cruise too. 

What kind of power outlets are there? Will I need a converter?
European plugs are either British style (three flat prongs) or European style (two round prongs), different from the two flat prongs in North America. Power is 220v, not 110v like in North America, but this usually isn't a problem since most devices can handle the difference.

How can I save money on a France cruise?
A great way to save money on your France cruise is to browse our deals and promotions or by letting us know which places you'd like to see so we can keep you in the loop for all new travel deals. Don’t go cheap on the cabin selection to save money since this will also result in less space or maybe even less comfort.

Are cruises in France a good family vacation?
Yes! If you are traveling with younger children then avoid the wine tasting cruises, but otherwise we feature some very active options that are great for families. Check out our family travel article for more information.

Do Americans and Canadians need a passport and visa to travel to France?
All citizens of North America traveling to Europe need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. In recent years, it has not been necessary to apply for a visa before traveling to Europe if you plan to stay less than three months, however, this situation may change in the future. See current European visa requirements.

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