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When river cruising was a privilege for the wealthy, CroisiEurope developed an affordable cruising concept offering the best value in river cruises at great prices and appealing to every traveler. Operating 50 company-owned ships and five chartered vessels, the CroisiEurope river cruise company is proud to be the greatest river ship owner in Europe. Although the Rhine and its tributaries and the Danube remain the major river cruise destinations in Europe, CroisiEurope knows how to develop creative itineraries that appeal to everyone. But they also know it is important to expand their cruises to unique destinations. These include the Seine and the Rhône, of course, but also the Tisza in Hungary, the Guadalquivir in Spain, the Douro in Portugal, the Dordogne, and the Garonne in Bordeaux. 

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Tulip fields of Holland Beautiful architecture of Italy Encounter massive carved statues as you sail Wander the streets of Italy on your cruise The Rhine A vibrant and beautiful square in Holland Sail through Spain on the beautiful La Belle de Cadix


Languages on Board
The official languages on board our ships are French and English.
Our team members and tour guides speak English fluently. They also master major European languages, such as German, Italian and Spanish.

Indeed, CroisiEurope has more than 19 different nationalities among its employees (French, Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Filipinos ...) Guests are welcomed and cared for from the world over.

On board, information and warnings are communicated in French and in English. They may also be advertised in another language, depending on the nationality of the passengers on board.

Activities and Entertainment
Many activities and entertainment are offered on board – and we encourage our guests to join in on the fun.
Before dinner, games and quizzes are hosted by our entertainers in the lounge bar.

On the sun deck, you can stroll alone, be with family or friends, sit comfortably in the sun loungers, or enjoy a drink while enjoying the passing landscapes. Want to keep fit? Gymnastics sessions are organized in the morning, and you can jog or walk the riverbanks during free time in port.

On some of our boats, in Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Mekong and Africa, the sun deck has a swimming pool.
The panoramic lounge bar, the library and the "pianorama-bar" (the latter 2 are available on some boats only), are refined and furnished with taste. It is nice place to spend quiet moments after returning from excursions for example.

Often, lectures on subjects related to the history and geography of the places visited, are offered in the lounge bar.
Some evenings, the dance floor of the lounge comes to life. Musical evenings, folk groups or singers, variety shows where the crew members reveal their hidden talents, are all chances to let loose after a day of touring!  And don’t forget the Gala evening – a farewell to your new friends. There’s no lack of fun to have on board, or memories to take with you!

Gala evening
The gala evening is a long-practiced tradition in the world of cruising. This is the night we like to dress up, although no formal dress code is enforced. The crew all in their dress uniform, are presented to the passengers who are invited have a pre-dinner drink with the captain in the company of the purser, and the head chef.
That evening, the chef serves a banquet paying a special tribute to the French gastronomy and know-how and experience of CroisiEurope in these matters. Dancing follows this gala dinner in the lounge bar.

In Cabin Comfort
All cabins are located above the water level and offer panoramic views of the landscape. They are equipped with private toilet, shower, washbasin and towels, shower soap and shampoo are provided.
Cabins are comfortable and include many amenities: television, hairdryer, safe and plenty of storage space.
Depending on the boat, our cabins have 2 twin beds, a large bed or 2 separable beds. The voltage on board is 220 V, serviced by European, two prong outlets. Appliances from outside of Europe will require an adapter, and in some cases a transformer.
Some boats have cabins specifically equipped for people with reduced mobility. Please ask your Cruise Specialists for more information.

Our cabins are air conditioned and have a thermostat to adjust the temperature of heating and air conditioning.
The size and the configuration of the cabins vary according to the boats. Please consult our website, or ask our Cruises Specialists to obtain the further details: Boats. You will find all the specific details you wish on your chosen boat.

There is no nurse or doctor on board the boats of our fleet. In the event of an emergency, the purser will contact the nearest hospital or medical service, the boat will make stop-over so that medical care can be provided as quickly as possible to the person.

A defibrillator is available on board each boat. On board, at least two people hold the Lifeguard Rescuer at Work certificate and have been trained to use this device.

If you are worried about a health problem, please consult your doctor before going on your cruise and undergo a complete check-up. We remain at your disposal in case of emergency.

Finally, do not forget to bring any medication packaged in their labeled boxes) and the corresponding prescriptions. Have them renewed if necessary before your departure.

Special Diets and Allergies​
Please inform us at the time of your booking whether you require a special diet or suffer from allergies. Our cook will offer you a fully adapted and tasty menu.

Stopovers and Excursions​
Our boats crisscross the most beautiful rivers of Europe and the world and make stopovers in world famous cities, picturesque villages, and the remarkable sites of these countries. Many are UNESCO World Heritage listed. To make these cruises exceptional moments, CroisiEurope’ s approach is to propose new destinations each year.
Our passengers have the choice of activity. Our All-Inclusive rates include the excursion package of your choice: Classic Excursions which feature walking tours, sightseeing visits, and museum visits – the “Must See” sites in each port. Discovery Excursions are a bit more active, off-beat, or unique – imagine cycling the canals of Amsterdam, a Urban Hike to the top of a Cathedral, or helicopter rides above the Loire Valley. These are great for adventurers, or guests who are returning for a second time to a favorite city.
Some customers may prefer to go alone to discover the cities, to absorb the atmosphere, but thanks to the maps/plans available on board will be able to find the more precious landmarks at each stopover.
On foot or by bus, alone or accompanied by our coordinators, in "classic excursions" or "disovery excursions"... CroisiEurope is at your side to satisfy your curiosity.
You will find more practical details and various forms of cruises and excursions in our chapter "Before booking" and then clicking on the tabs "Package stay on board" and "Stopovers and excursions".

Wi-Fi on Board​
All boats in the company's European fleet are equipped with free Wi-Fi for passengers. This internet connection is available in all lounges / bars and boat receptions. Wi-Fi available on all boats is free.
For passengers who do not have computer equipment, we have equipped each boat (except those on the Volga, Mekong, Africa and Peru) with a touch pad that can be lent to them when needed.

What's the Dress Code on CroisiEurope cruises?​
During the day, you will be more comfortable in a casual outfit.
We advise you to bring clothes that are not very wrinkled, or that can easily be transported after ironing at your house, because there are no ironing facilities on board our boats.
Remember to dress according to the weather, the season and the environment of your cruise: light suits and swimsuits for warm weather; sweater or jacket for cooler weather; sweatshirt, rain gear and small umbrella. It helps to check the weather shortly before departing home.
Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes in your suitcase. They will be very useful during tourist excursions!
Regarding dinners, cocktails and galas, guests tend to dress up a little more – like you would when dining in any nice restaurant. There are no strict guidelines, no requirements for suits or gowns.
Finally, on any excursion, when you visit places of worship, make sure to opt for an appropriate outfit, neither too light nor too undressed, so as not to be prohibited entry.

Tipping habits vary from country and culture. At CroisiEurope, they are collected once at the end of the stay and shared equitably between all members of the crew.
This token from our passengers shows that they appreciated the quality of the services and the attention they received during the cruise at all levels.
How much should I leave? A tip between $5 and $10 per day from each guest is an average, but each passenger is, of course, free to give what they want.
An envelope is left for this purpose in your cabin during your last evening on board. Slip it in the box provided at the reception of the boat before disembarking.

Safety and Health​
All our ships (except the African Dream) are certified Bureau Veritas.

Life jackets and life buoy are located in your cabins as well as on the sun deck.

During the presentation of the crew, all safety insctructions will be provided.

For safety and health reasons, it is forbidden to smoke indoors on board any of our boats, as it is a closed environment. However, smokers are invited to go to the sun deck, where ashtrays are provided.
Animals are not accepted on board.

Family and children on board: good deals​
Throughout the year, CroisiEurope offers a discount of 20% for children from 2 to 10 years old who are travelling with an adult, on a number of cruises (contact us for more information).
During the summer holidays, other advantageous offers are offered to families travelling in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Croatia where FamilyClub cruises are scheduled.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women must inform their travel agent at the time of booking.

This is necessary to ensure the safety of all on board, as we do not have a medical team on board our boats to provide emergency care in case of need.

Depending on your destination, it will be necessary to ensure that you have the required vaccines and respected the basic health conditions.

Please consult our Health section in our General and Special Sale Conditions.

Persons with reduced mobility: adapted cabins
CroisiEurope welcomes passengers with reduced mobility and endeavors to facilitate their access to both the facilities on board and on the available excursions. Before booking, our company requires passengers with reduced mobility to mention their specific needs to their travel agent, so that they can be offered the most suitable ship.

People with reduced mobility or have trouble getting around can benefit from adapted cabins on some of the boats in our fleet.

Please note that our three-deck ships have lifts allowing direct access to various bridges, as well as the dining room, lounges and toilets suitable for reduced mobility people.

Our ships with 2 decks, meanwhile, are well thought-out in terms of layout, so common facilities (restaurant, lounge bar, reception) on one level: the main deck, which also has cabins.

Some of our excursions can cause difficulties for people with reduced mobility (walking for several hours, destabilizing floor coverings, elevation, etc.), participation in some excursions and travel is subject to the sufficient mobility of the passenger.

With the help of http://www.specialneedsatsea.com/ we may be able to arrange further assistance on request.

Please contact your travel agent for any additional information.

Be well insured​

Repatriation insurance is included in the price of our cruises.

Cancellation, luggage, interruption of stay and civil liability insurance are optional. We recommend you purchase it, as it covers a wide range of incidents / problems that may occur after a reservation or during a trip, such as the loss of luggage, delays of plane or train.

This can be purchased during the booking of your cruise on CroisiEurope, to avoid the disappointments in a foreign country of which you do not speak the language, nor potentially understand the local customs.

Our partner is EUROP ASSISTANCE, terms and conditions are available here.

Options, quote, payment ...

That's it! You have chosen a cruise, but you want to reserve it temporarily to give you a little time to think.

CroisiEurope gives you the opportunity to ask for an option for a period of 7 days. Your request is registered, and a free quote is sent to you.

At the expiration of the option, if you wish to book, you can confirm your reservation by paying a deposit of 30% of the total amount. It is also possible to pay the full amount immediately.

After this time, the option expires without action on your part. If, however you wish to book after this 7-day period, we cannot guarantee the availability and the previous rate.

The payment of the balance must be done 30 days before your departure at the latest. Upon receipt of the outstanding balance we will send you by mail or email the travel documents including your boarding tickets and all other useful information for your cruise.

You can go through this stages by calling one our agent or online.

Visas and passports
All our cruises require a valid identity document (national identity card or passport.)

For some destinations, a passport is mandatory, with a validity date of a minimum 6 months after the expected date of return.

For our more distant destinations, a visa may be mandatory and specific steps must be taken. These details can be found on your order confirmation and your travel log. Our travel agents can also inform you, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Non-European Union nationals are advised to consult with their consulate or embassy of origin to enquire about the formalities concerning them, to be able to answer the police and customs formalities in force in the countries listed on the cruises itineraries.
They must be in possession of all the necessary residential and transit visas together with any necessary health certificates.

Holders of a US passport can travel to and within the European Union without an additional visa.
For information on the formalities for other destinations, non-US citizens are advised to consult their embassy or consulate.

A passenger unable board a flight or who is refused entry to a country due to failing to submit the documents required by the authorities and mentioned on the contract of sale or the invoice that they have signed, cannot claim any refund.

In case of non-compliance all costs incurred will be at the total expense of the customer. In the case where we establish the entry documents on behalf of the client (visa), we do so on the basis of the information given to us.
We cannot be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever related to the fact that this information is incorrect. The requested documents must be sent to us by registered letter, along with an associated acknowledgment of postage, within the required time and having been verified that their validity complies with the requirements of the countries concerned. They will be returned on the day of departure.

We cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery by the authorities concerned.
The passenger is required to provide the company with all the necessary information to enable the company to fulfil its own safety obligations.

We advise you to consult your doctor, as soon as possible before your departure, on the vaccines that could be recommended according to your destination.

The "Cruise Documents"
All you need to know about the smooth running of your cruise is listed in your cruise documents which you will receive before your cruise departure. It will be sent directly to you by email, about a month prior to your cruise.

It will contain the following information:
  • Docking information and map of embarkation / location of disembarkation;
  • Vouchers for any transfers, pre or post stays, or excursions included;
  • Boarding tickets to be handed in when you arrive on board;
  • A detailed description of the program;
  • Useful information about the cruise.

What happens if I miss the start?​
Missing your departure: While rare, this can happen for various reasons: sleeping in, a transit strike, an accident on the road, delays train or plane ... In this case, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible.  Dialing the numbers in your cruise documents.
We will work to do what is necessary to help you arrive safely.

Personal Expenses​
The prices of our cruises are "all inclusive", they include full board, drinks served with meals and at the bar (read the detail under heading "Package stay on board"), and shore excursions.
You are responsible for any personal expenses outside the boat, during excursions, purchases in our shop, or drinks that you choose from our special wine list and at the bar.

How to pay on board?

CroisiEurope only accepts Euros on board the boats. We do not accept sterling, US dollars or any other currency. We do not accept travelers checks on board, and do not exchange cash on board. It is important to arrive with Euros in hand – we recommend stopping at a bank to use an ATM Machine.

CroisiEurope accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. You may wish to contact your bank or the company that issued your credit card to warn them that you will be traveling to a foreign destination.



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