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Chichi market then on to Lake Atitlan
Guatemala Tour 2011!

Jose and another driver/guide took us up into the highlands with a running dialog on Mayan traditions and symbols...very informative. We also enjoyed the outgoing good humor they both had to offer. The market was all it's cracked up to be....big ...a bit chaotic to the uninitiated, and very colorful. Jose made sure we did not miss a trick especially with the respectful visit to the Mayan shrine on the hill above the town where a ceremony was underway. Dined at a market cafe...great tacos. Took lots of pictures in the market and could have stayed longer but we were due at the docks in Panajachel to take a water taxi to our hotel. Lake Atitlan and surrounding area has to be one of the most scenic places in the world. And hotel Lomas de Tzununa was one of a kind. We'll always remember the steps - but we're both over 60 and they didn't kill us! THE VIEWS! THE VIEWS! THE VIEWS!