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Guatemala medical care
Guatemala Tour 2011!

It became obvious this morning that we needed medical attention. (I will spare the details). It was at this point that we came to appreciate the people who Adventure Life and ViaVenture had assigned to us (guides, drivers, boaters). To make a long story short, all arrangements were made to get us to a private hospital in Guatemala City (took all morning) with English speaking doctors who were waiting for us. Tests...hospital gowns...OH NO!

We were diagnosed with a virus (could have picked up before we left or on the airplane) and sent to bed rest at the Biltmore hotel. We were going to miss our flight to Flores, but we were "mothered" the whole time by Jose (our hero). All trip schedules and accommodations were adjusted for us. That night we slept with our newly acquired meds and a strong positive impression of the care and attention we received at the hospital and by ViaVenture.