Bali to Singapore Cruise

SeaDream Yacht Club
Visit the ancient temples of Semarang
SeaDream Yacht Club
Relax along costal Lembar
Adventure Life
A fishing boat off the coast
Adventure Life
Two monkeys admire the statues
Adventure Life
A pair of dragons on Komodo Island
SeaDream Yacht Club
See the sights from the comfort of the SeaDream II
SeaDream Yacht Club
Relax by the pool as you sail on the SeaDream II
Sail the blue waters of the South Pacific on this 9-day cruise! Voyage from the island nation of Bali to Singapore and stop on the islands of Satonde, Komodo, and Semarang and drop anchor on many islands in between.

Day 1


    Arrive in Bali and board the SeaDream II for your adventure! Settle in to you cabin and familiarize yourself with the ship and her crew as you set sail.

    Day 2

      Satonde Island

      Sail through the narrow strait which separates tiny Satonde Island from Sumbawa's northern shore. The volcanic island is uninhabited and a trail leads from the natural pumice-lined beach to the interior and volanoe caldera. Inside the partially collapsed volcanic crater, the island's salt lake, fed by an underground channel, is well known among a small group of devoted fans. Mysterious stone monuments appear to mark ancient burial sites.

      Day 3

        Komodo Island

        Best known for its indigenous Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island is a fascinating port of call. The giant monitor lizards can grow to more than 9 ft long and weigh up to 300 lbs. Join a park ranger to encounter and meet the Komodo Dragons, which are incredible in size and legend.

        Day 4

          Lembar (Lombok), Sekotong Tengah

          Visit the mini-kingdoms of Lombok, each ruled by its own Sasak prince. The island was subject to frequent foreign invasion and Bali, the nearest neighbor, was a major threat. Now known as 'island of a thousand mosques,' Lombok was transformed when Islam reached the Indonesian archipelago in the 16th century. Visit an authentic Sasak community or bicycle your way to Mapak village with SeaDream Land Adventures.

          Day 5

            At Sea

            Spend a relaxing day at sea as you sail for Semarang.

            Day 6

              Semarang, Central Java

              Disembark the ship to explore Tanjung Emas, central Java's heartbeat. The city focuses mainly on commerce rather than tourism, but visitors are welcomed and roads leading from the port are well maintained. 'Old Semarang,' still visible in the city's Dutch colonial warehouses and homes, lures travelers with an elegance which reflects the port's place as an 18th-century jewel.

              Day 7

                Pulau Seribu/Sepa (1000 Islands)

                A string of small islands stretches just outside the Bay of Jakarta and offers accessible refuge to those who dwell in the huge city. Pulau Seribu ('the Thousand Islands') actually only numbers around 100 islands, but the romantic nickname persists. Most of the tiny specks feature lovely beaches which are blanketed with sand that has been described as 'golden talcum powder.'

                Day 8

                  At Sea

                  Admire the scenery as you make your way to Singapore.

                  Day 9


                    Arrive in Singapore and disembark. Before transferring to the airport, explore the city-state's impressive modernity and traditional architecture.

                    - All fares are posted in USD and are based off of double occupancy. Single and triple rates are available upon request.
                    - Cruise fares do not include Governmental, Port, Document Issuance, Handling and Service fees. Please see pricing for additional fees.