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Take a small ship cruise to the beautiful island nation of Singapore that includes 58 small islands located less than a hundred miles from the equator South of Malaysia. The advantage of a small ship cruise is that you'll get to access small islands, ports, and beaches that aren't accessible on a larger vessel. Take a tour through the Cloud Forest, the National Orchid Garden or get to know Asian wildlife at the massive Singapore Zoo. Singapore also has Universal Studios, an amusement park, which can be a lot of fun for the whole family! Consider cruising the Riau Archipelago with Adventure Life to have a stress free vacation as all the planning and details are taking care of by our travel specialists. Contact our travel specialists if you're interested in a stress-free trip through Singapore.
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Singapore FAQs

Is Singapore a city or a country?
the Republic of Singapore is the sovereign country-island while Singapore is also a city in the sense that there's only one city on the island.

Is Singapore part of China?
No, but a majority of people living in Singapore are Chinese and Singapore still has unofficial relations with China (specifically military & economic)

What is Singapore known for?
It's extremely clean streets, opulent displays of both individual and the country's wealth, a lot of businessmen, and the various islands that surround it.

Is Singapore safe?
Singapore is an extremely safe city: one of the most safe in the world.

Is Singapore expensive? 
Singapore certainly isn't cheap but it isn't extremely expensive. Generally, the food & other domestic (or imported from China) products are pretty inexpensive while imported products and hotels are a bit more expensive.

Do I need a visa for Singapore?
If you're traveling as a tourist for 90 days or less, you do not need a visa. Otherwise you do.

Do they speak English in Singapore?
Singapore has a lot of official languages including English, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, and Malay. All of these languages are spoken interchangeably, usually depending on a person's social status, so you should be able to speak to quite a few people in English.

What is the weather in Singapore like?
For the most part in Singapore it's hot & humid, so bring shorts and tee-shirts.

What is the main religion in Singapore?
In order of popularity the main religions are Buddhism/Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity. There are many other sub-religions within these religions like Sikhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Baha'l, and Jainism are the most prominent internationally recognized ones.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Singapore?
Yes, the tap water is safe to drink.

Do they use Uber in Singapore?
No, around 2018 a company called Grab bought Uber in Southeastern Asia and since then Grab has been the top transportation app throughout that region. Don't worry though, Grab is essentially the same thing and can be used in English.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Although Singapore isn't dangerous or sketchy, you should definitely purchase travel insurance. What if you leave your bag in your hotel? Or if your flight gets canceled? Or what if it rains all over the Gucci shoes you just bought? Travel insurance is a small price for a lot of possible savings and Adventure Life makes it easy through our partner, TravelGuard, on our Once You're Booked page. Additionally, having travel insurance will make your trip all the more stress-free because if something goes wrong: you're prepared.

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