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Tun Sakaran Marine Park, also called Semporna Islands Park

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A trip to Indonesia combines magnificent nature with rich, unique cultures that still thrive today. Whether you are looking for a luxury cruise, a high adventure expedition, or a wildlife watching excursion, Adventure Life has what  you’re looking for in Indonesia. Cruise through Indonesia's 18,000+ islands and stop at magical Bali whose temples, markets and rice terraces beckon. Travel to the heart of the Coral Triangle where sites like Triton Bay & others offer world class snorkeling on vibrant reefs, and massive whale sharks and tiny seahorses live in harmony. The historic capital Jakarta is a bustling melting pot of cultures, brimming with sites that celebrate its unique diversity. For many, Indonesia is just one leg of their cruise through the South Pacific to Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam.

10 Best Indonesia Cruises & Trips for 2019

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10 Best Cruises to Bali & Indonesia for 2019

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Corals, Cultures & Dragons: North Sulawesi to Flores$725012Apr 10, 2020This spectacular 12-day cruise aboard the Ombak Putih offers snorkeling on magnificent reefs, exploring remote villages, and jungle trekking in …
East Indies Exploration: Culture, Sea & Spice$715012Sep 2, 2019This 12-day voyage aboard the Ombak Putih invites you to explore tropical islands backed by towering volcanoes and sandy shores. Discover the history …
Sulawesi Snorkelling and Culture$590010Feb 20, 2020This exciting voyage will take you along the eastern seaboard of Indonesia's best kept secret, the legendary island of Sulawesi. Cruising from …
Bali & the Islands of Paradise$19908Jun 8, 2019Join Panorama II on an 8-day sailing adventure to see the breathtaking islands in Bali such as Rinca Island, Satonda Island, Moyo Island and Lombok …
Dances, Dragons and Magical Lakes$32108Apr 22, 2019Delight yourself with the authentic beauty of Komodo National Park and Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands on a voyage of discovery from Bali to …
West Papua: Spice Islands and Raja Ampat$834513Jan 2, 2020Mysterious Papua New Guinea is one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth and there is simply no better way to experience these magical lands …
Seabirds, Cetaceans and Spices$725012Oct 2, 2020From the Komodo dragons of Rinca and the marine life of the Wakatobi National Park, to the seabird colonies of the Banda Sea and the nutmeg forests …
The Scents of the Spice Islands I$715012Sep 16, 2019Make your way through the Spice Islands; a magical destination, on this 12-Day voyage aboard Ombak Putih. Stop in Hitu Lama, Gunung Api, Manipa, and …
West Papua: Spice Islands and Raja Ampat$834512Dec 21, 2019Join this 12-day unique journey of discovery and adventure from Darwin to Biak, West Papua. Explore Raja Ampat’s pristine and brightly-colored reef …
The Spice Islands & Raja Ampat$834512Dec 21, 2019The centerpiece of this expedition is a five-day exploration through the nature lover’s paradise that is Raja Ampat. Harbouring over 75% of the …

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Rich cultures and nature define Indonesia. Born of fire, the volcanic islands that make up this archipelago offer some of the world's best snorkeling and diving among absolutely stunning biodiversity. Lace up your hiking boots or strap on a snorkel to visit:
  • Banda Neira – As part of the Banda Islands, this volcanic archipelago is teeming with wildlife just waiting to be explored.
  • Jayapura - Take a step into simplicity in this largely isolated part of Indonesia, where many modern comforts are scarce, though the regional culture is rich.
  • Bali - The departure point for several cruises, it is also home to the charming "Island of the Gods."
  • Bunaken Marine Park - Snorkel & dive your way along these protected reefs that are home to hundreds of fish and beautiful soft corals.
  • Raja Ampat - A veritable paradise for bird lovers and snorkelers, there are more than 1,200 species of fish, 75% of the known coral species in the world, and many endemic birds.
  • Asmat – See a native tribe & witness their way of life up close, as you hike and explore this tropical region by zodiac.

Indonesia Travel FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Indonesia?
US citizens do not need a visa to visit Indonesia for stays less than 30 days. They are required if you plan to stay longer. Tourist visas are not hard to get, and we can help point you in the right direction throughout the process. Check the visa requirements for more specific information.

Is tipping customary in Indonesia?
A 10 percent tip in Indonesia is appreciated at restaurants; drivers can get around $15-20 per day, and guides should be tipped between $25-40 per couple.

What is internet access like in Indonesia?
It's available and improving its reach, but don't count on it. The number of internet users and providers in Indonesia has just recently begun to boom, recently breaching 100 million users. However, this doesn't account for speed or WiFi - luxuries mainly found in the upscale hotels and travel businesses like restaurants. The further you get from Indonesia's major cities, the less likely it is that you will be able to find internet.

Can I use my cell phone while in Indonesia?
While your vacation will probably be in isolated parts of Indonesia where cell service is limited, if you do want to make sure that your phone will work, the best option is asking your service provider to unlock your GSM-enabled phone so that you can purchase a SIM chip once you arrive and access the local cell network. Using only WiFi or getting an international plan are alternatives, but they aren't always an option.

Do I need power adapters?
Throughout Indonesia and most of the surrounding Pacific provinces, you will need plug adapters for C & F style plugs - two round prongs like throughout Europe. Power converters from 230v to 110v usually aren't necessary. 

What are the toilets like in Indonesia?
Throughout Indonesia you will likely encounter mostly squat toilets that require you to bring your own toilet paper. Nicer hotels and ships will have Western style bowls. No matter which type of toilet you are using, it's important to throw the toilet paper in the waste basket instead of flushing it.

Can I drink the water in Indonesia?
No, but we will make sure that you always have access to clean bottled water or purified water.

Are credit cards accepted in Indonesia? Will I be able to find ATMs?
In the more developed parts of Indonesia, and especially cities, you will be able to use your card at ATMs, but many vendors and stores might not accept your card. In fact, international cards might only be accepted at the higher end businesses (like hotels and restaurants). It's safest to take out cash at the ATMs.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Yes, and fortunately for you we have some excellent deals through our partner TravelGuard Insurance. It's always safest to travel with insurance, and TravelGuard offers some excellent comprehensive packages.

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Fun Facts About Indonesia

  • Indonesia is an arhcipelago nation that claims over 17,500 islands.
  • A large part of the country is on the island of Borneo, which Indonesia shares with Brrunei and Malaysia.
  • The world's most populous island is in Indonesia - Java has 130 million people, which is 60 percent of the country's population.
  • Indonesia uses the Rupiah currency.
  • The two main sports are soccer and, interestingly, badminton.
  • In the 19th century, it was also referred to as the Dutch East Indies, and the name Indonesia has both Latin and Greek roots.

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