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Activities at Chepu Adventures Ecolodge

The lodge offers a variety of zero carbon footprint activities to explore the lush surroundings of the Chepu River area. With limitless kayaking opportunities, miles of trekking trails and abundant wildlife, below is merely a sample of activities to enjoy while experiencing Chepu Adventures Ecolodge.

Kayak at Dawn at Puntra River on a self guided tour in one of the lodge's unique electric kayaks or one of the traditional kayaks from the lodge's fleet. Experience the beginning of the day while paddling surrounded by mist, early sun rays, dead logs, reflections on the water and bird songs that turns your passage into a mystical experience and a journey for your senses. Not to be missed!

Enjoy your dawn kayak excursion or daytime journeys on an electric kayak, gliding through the aquatic ecosystem with no effort or noise. This opportunity offers a whole different concept of kayaking. They are large enough to hold 2 persons with comfortable seats and space to carry cameras for bird or mammal watching. In holding with the sustainable practices, kayaks are moved by batteries which are charged by electricity provided by the wind generator.

A large variety of bird species can be found with ample opportunities to capture on film while kayaking or trekking. The Chepu wetlands offer an extensive list of birds and wildlife seen, including numerous specious of hawk, owl, duck, teal, sandpiper, heron, parakeet, finch, swallow and many more.

Embark on a 12 km roundtrip seaside trail with spectacular views over the coast line. Have the opportunity to see numerous different species of shore birds. It is also possible to visit the penguin colony, which entails a 30-minute boat navigation which is required to cross over to the starting point of the trail to the penguin colony.