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Home to Texas
My Dream Trip to Machu Picchu

Our evening meal on the flight was not too bad. I don't think Zed ate. This time the sound system on my seat worked and I watched a couple of movies. We landed in Houston about 6:30 AM. We had a three hour layover here so Zed had a meal from Subway and I ate a croissant and drank a latte in the airport. We had to take the train to our terminal and then we had a long walk to our destination gate. Our flight left at 9:25 and we arrived in Austin at 10:15. We got our luggage (my suitcase was annihilated and I had to throw it away) and my youngest son, Cody, who took us to the airport nine days earlier met us. We stopped at Red Robin on the way home and we ate wonderful fried onion rings and big Texas burgers. It was a wonderful trip with no disappointments. Now, where am I going next?