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Leaving Cusco

Creek through Ollantaytambo
Creek through Ollantaytambo
I slept a little better that night and I got up around 7 am, dressed and went to drink some coca tea and check my email. We were not leaving until noon so I let Zed sleep a little later than usual. He finally came to breakfast . The fruit looked so good, but I did not want to take a chance on getting TD. We still needed a few gifts to take back home as we had not done much shopping. The receptionist at the hotel told us there was a huge covered market about 15 minutes walk away. We exchanged some money for soles and found the market by the railroad tracks. We found a silver Andean cross right away for Zed and within an hour, we had bought everything we needed or so we thought. I wish I had bought a couple more silver Andean crosses. We had checked out of the hotel before we walked to the market and stored our bags at the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, we exchanged a little more money so we could eat at the airport. We waited at the hotel until we were picked up about 12:10. A lady named Marcia came with a driver and van to take us to the Cusco airport. It was time to begin our long journey back to Texas. We had an eight hour layover in Lima. Marcia stayed with us until we went through security. All the while Zed was carrying the walking cane. Our flight left Cusco about 2:35 (about 30 minutes late). On the hour and half flight, we were served a snack and drink. When we landed at Lima, we retrieved our luggage and went to find something to eat. The airport was very crowded. There was one family taking pictures of their children in their graduation caps and gowns. I found that a bit odd. We took turns walking around while the other stayed with our luggage. There was not much to see. Zed had this Texas Football magazine with him so he talked to me about football and some of the players. At eight o'clock, we walked to the Continental desk and checked in. We had to pay eight dollars to have the cane wrapped in plastic. That cost almost as much as the cane. I wanted to check my small carry on (I also had a backpack), and was told it would cost an additional thirty-six dollars. I declined. We were both getting tired. As we boarded the flight for Houston, we went through handchecked security and they took out my three dollar bottle of water that I had bought after I went through the first security check. I could not figure that out. Our flight left about 12:35 AM.

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