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Day 11 - Back to Puno
My Peruvian Adventure

After breakfast with our host family, we met up the rest of the group and re-board the boat for the trip back to Puno. The ride back to Puno is my last chance to enjoy the beauty of Titicaca. I am especially enchanted by the view to the southeast where you can see on the snow-capped mountains surrounding La Paz. Those mountains are probably 150 miles away but they hang just above horizon, seriously tempting me to extend my trip and head to Bolivia!

In Puno, some of us spend the afternoon walking around the local market where it looks like you can buy just about anything you can possibly imagine. The food is hot, fresh, and delicious. On our last night, I get to sample the Puno night life with a couple of my favorite traveling buddies – Ashley and Kassi. We have a nice dinner before hitting a disco and a karaoke bar. Since its the last night of the trip, I throw caution to wind and actually sing in the karaoke bar (my sincerest apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel!).