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A long day!
Ecuador and Peru Family Trip

A long day on the bus! We get picked up at 6:30 am for a 7:00 am bus departure. The ride from Cusco to Puno is 9 hours but goes by surprisingly quickly with several stops along the way. The most interesting stop is a beautiful vista view of the glaciers as we reach the highest point of our journey thus far. The rest of the ride is rather mundane with more 'normal' landscape. Passing through Juliaca is unremarkable at best! We arrive into Puna around 5pm, smaller and less charming than Cusco and economically more challenged. Our hotel is basic but well located at the end of the main tourist area with a few restaurants and shops. We are feeling slightly off from the bus ride and high altitude so we have a light meal and head back to the hotel to organize our bags for the night out to Amantani Island tomorrow.