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Colombia is a diverse country with many of the ingredients that attract travelers to Latin America: The Andes, the Amazon, Caribbean beaches, the Pacific coast, colonial cities, archaeological ruins, trekking tours, multisport adventures, wildlife, colorful festivals, and most importantly, gracious hosts of Colombia. Both modern and historic, Colombia's cities of Cartagena, Bogota, and Medellin are beautifully-located, vibrant, and welcoming. Get out of the cities and find a slower pace in Colombia's countryside. Trek in the Andes, raft through a remote canyon, or explore an ancient ruin in Colombia's rainforest. The Colombia tours offer authentic travel experiences of a country still waiting to be re-discovered. Connect with our trip planners to arrange a Colombia trip that fits your interests, preferences, and travel styles.
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9 Best Colombia Tours for 2024-2025

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Top 9 Biking & Rafting Tours of Colombia for 2024

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Best of Colombia$23628May 17, 2024Enjoy an 8-day tour to discover Bogota, Manizales, and Cartagena. Visit the most iconic and historical landmarks in Bogota, taste the best coffee in …
Cartagena Adventure$18125May 17, 2024Come Discover Cartagena! Immerse yourself in a Caribbean paradise with its own unique vibe, culture and feel. Wander the walls of the old city, spend …
Casanare Wildlife Safari$36685May 17, 2024Explore the Casanare Region in Colombia, a vast plain with extensive ranches that still preserve the traditions and culture of the region. During …
Guaviare Jungle Explorer$23754May 17, 2024Embark on a series of guided hikes and boat trips, venturing into the heart of the Guaviare Jungle on this 4-day tour. See waterfalls and natural …
Calanoa Amazonas Experience$30555May 17, 2024Explore the Amazon rainforest, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, while staying at an eco-lodge like Calanoa Amazonas during this 5-day …
Colombia Highlights$23459May 17, 2024Enjoy a complete 9-day tour discovering the highlights of Colombia. Dance the salsa and explore the city of Bogota, visit the Wax Palm reserve in …
Bogota to Cartagena Adventure$19987May 17, 2024On this 7-day Colombia tour, discover Bogota and Cartagena. Visit the most iconic and historical landmarks in Bogota and walk down the cobblestone …
Medellin Adventure$13725May 17, 2024Spend your week getting to know Medellin on this 5-day tour, including an in-depth city tour and a coffee plantation tour in the town of Concordia. …
Andes to Caribbean Multisport$534212May 17, 2024On this 12-day active multisport tour of Colombia, you'll hike, bike, and whitewater raft through the Andes before descending to the Caribbean coast …

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Colombia Travel Guide

Is Colombia safe?

Colombia is a safe destination and one of the most beautiful, and amicable countries in South America. Thousands of visitors travel to Colombia each year and rarely encounter any sort of problem. Even though it’s safe to say that the days of drug lords and terrorism are long gone, armed groups are active in the country. However, their activity is limited to very remote areas in the borders and the jungle, where tourists are advised not to go. 

A very small percentage of visitors may be subject to pickpocketing and robbery, which is why - like in any other part of the world - we recommend avoiding bad neighborhoods, keeping a low profile, and taking Uber rides instead of taxis if you are planning on moving around the city on your own. Guided tours are the best option when exploring a new destination if a seamless experience is what you are looking for.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Colombia
Colombia is considered a year-round destination with comfortable temperatures that allow visitors to enjoy it to the fullest almost every day of the year.

December, January, and February are mostly dry months across the country, with clear skies and warm temperatures. Ideal for hiking in Colombia's national parks and exploring the Caribbean coast. March and April feel dry in the Andes, with occasional showers. It’s a good time for adventure sports. Water levels are perfect for white water rafting. May tends to be soggy in the highlands. Visitors can explore San Andrés and Providencia’s beaches and coral reefs. Cartagena might experience rain during this month. June and July bring occasional tropical showers in the highlands, with rains easing off by August. It’s a good time to observe wildlife. During September and October, the shoulder season, the Caribbean coast is at its wettest. It’s a good time for outdoor sports and whale-watching. November brings forth warmer temperatures in the Caribbean Coast. Rain is experienced throughout the country. 

How to get to Colombia

If you are wondering how to get to Colombia to explore its rich biodiversity and alluring culture, we recommend the best two ways of doing so.

By Air

Getting to Colombia has become increasingly easy as airlines open new direct routes to its most important cities. Colombia has 5 international airports located in the cities of Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cali, Cartagena, and Medellín. Direct flights to Colombia are available from France, Germany, and Spain with Lufthansa, Avianca, Iberia, and Air France. Airlines such as TACA, LAN, Avianca, American Airlines, and Continental Airlines have direct flights to Bogotá, Cali, Medellín or Cartagena from main cities in the USA, Central America, and South America. 

By Sea

Colombia boasts unique port infrastructure, being one of the few countries in the world to have access to two different oceans. Along with its natural beauty, it makes it a popular destination for adventure-seekers who love to sail the seas as they explore the world’s most beautiful destinations. With approximately 30 international cruise lines making stops in the country, due to the increasing tourist offer and improved infrastructure, it has become a favorite destination for international cruise companies. The main port of arrival in Colombia is the port of Cartagena de Indias, an OAS Sustainable Tourism Destination Port with excellent economic and environmental practices.

Colombian Food and cuisine

Colombia's traditional food is a mixture of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences. Some of the most popular dishes in Colombia include:
  • Bandeja Paisa: The national dish of Colombia. It's a hearty plate of rice, beans, meat (usually beef or pork), avocado, plantain, chorizo, and arepa (corn cake). 
  • Ajiaco: A traditional soup made with potatoes, corn, and chicken, it's usually served with cream, capers and avocado.
  • Empanadas: Turnovers filled with meat, cheese or seafood, they are often served as a snack or a side dish.
  • Tamales: Traditional corn dough filled with meat, usually chicken or pork, wrapped in banana leaves.
Visitors can find these traditional dishes in many Colombian restaurants, street food vendors, and local markets. Remember to top off your meal with a delicious cup of Colombian coffee.
Top Colombia Travel Experiences

Strolling the Streets of Cartagena: The Caribbean city of Cartagena has enthralled visitors for centuries, including pirates who plundered this strategic Spanish post on multiple occasions. Strolling her colonial streets you'll breathe in the decadent scents, sounds and rhythms of Colombia. 

Colombian Coffee Tasting: Visit a coffee estate in one of the world's premier coffee growing regions and see how coffee is grown and processed from earth to cup and enjoy the unique aromas of Cafe de Colombia

Mountain Biking the Andes: Starting from high in the Andes, ride panoramic winding roads and trails to villages thousands of vertical feet below. Colombians are crazy about cycling, and now you'll understand why. 

Relaxing at Parque Nacional Tayrona: Enjoy the shade of the palm tress in this tropical paradise with secluded beaches, set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Discover the urban beauty of Medellin: Medellin offers attractive neighborhoods, great weather, and art by Fernando Botero. It's a gateway to the coffee region and offers a chance to see innovative urban projects.

Exploring vibrant Bogota and Colombia's highlights: Feeling Bogota's cosmopolitan and electrifying energy is the best way to start exploring Colombia and it's most iconic sites and activities. Culture, nightlife, gastronomy and history await!
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