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Who would have guessed it?
Amazon Adventure - 8 Day Ecuador

That's right, the very next day the prop on the outboard motor on the same canoe which was taking us up river to Coca, and closer to home, hit something beneath the water and we were stranded. I have to tell you that I happen to be a gal to whom odd things happen, but things always work out and end up being the highlight of any event.
Our guide, Fabricio and porters, Arturo & Name were awesome. They used every bit of skill they had, but a new motor was needed. While two brave local young men hacked their way through the rainforest to find help, the rest of us waited about twelve hours in a clearing hacked out by machete to be rescued. The moon hid behind clouds as we sat in near total darkness, but the camaraderie of the group never faltered.