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Rescue came

Praparing to kayak in the Amazon
Praparing to kayak in the Amazon
Another boat came sometime after midnight, but the nighttime river journey, beaconed by a small spotlight at the bow of the boat about 45 feet away from the driver in the stern, and a three hour drive to Coca got us back about four the next morning. Tired? Yes, but wow! We saw animals that even our guide had never seen in the wild. A tapir crawled up from the river right by our quasi camp. It was probably more surprised to find us sitting in the darkness than we were to see it. Also, from the canoe, in plain sight we spotted a very large, hairy capybera loping along the riverbank. To say it was thrilling would be to down-play the excitement. As seen in the night, that creature looked like something created by Spielberg.

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