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Adventure Life's Russia expedition cruises give you a full access pass to the Arctic beauty of the top of the world. Experience Russia's Far East, as you witness some of the most remote & forgotten corners of the world, like the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the isolated Chukotka (where you'll see the most bird species in the Eurasian Arctic). If you sail across the famed Northeast Passage, you'll find yourself in the untamed lands of Alaska and Canada. As you explore the world's largest country, hike across the beautiful Bukhta Natalii fjord or trek through the dramatic volcanic landscapes of the Ring of Fire. Even venture to the North Pole. In south Russia, cruises include circumnavigations of the Black Sea and the White Sea, featuring exclusive access to Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, & Bulgaria.

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Come see a part of our globe that is largely unknown to most travelers. As your icebreaker crosses through the frozen Arctic waters, you will traverse tundras through a land born of fire and ice. Since most people don't think of Russia as a cruise destination, you'll see remote regions, where sweeping landscapes and isolated villages dot the sparse environment. On your trip, you will likely:
  • Hike volcanic landscapes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is one of the most active plate boundaries in the world.
  • Tour St. Petersberg For over 200 years, this was the capital of the Russian Empire, home to Pavlovski Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress, the Pushkin Museum,Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Even today, it is considered Russia's major cultural center.
  • Visit the Kamchatka PeninsulaThis is one of the most pristine wildernesses in all of Russia, home to brown bears, magnificent bird species, protected wilderness reserves, and incredible marine life around the Aleutian chain, including several species of whales, sea lions, and otters.
  • Explore Siberiawhere secluded villages offer incredible birdwatching opportunities.
One of the great advantages of a Russian cruise is how easily it combines with cruises to other destinations in Eastern Europe & the Arctic, such as:

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