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Danube River
  • 115 Cruises
Juergen Sack
Take a quiet moment in Passau
  • 166 Cruises
Jorde Angjelovik
Colorful flowers and brilliant blue skies complement beautiful Greek islands
Rhine River
  • 107 Cruises
Cologne's famous cathedral at sunset from the Rhine.
Douro River
  • 18 Cruises
Cruise along the scenic Douro river
United Kingdom
  • 49 Cruises
Sheep walking on the road in the British countryside.
  • 133 Cruises
Quaint fishing village in Norway
  • 87 Cruises
Trevi Fountain in Rome
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Breathe in the culture and cuisine of the old continent on a European cruise with Adventure Life. Explore villages, cities, and landscapes from the unique vantage of a European river cruise down the DanubeRhine, RhoneSeine or the Douro as you tour classic European cities like Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Paris, Lisbon and Vienna. Experience the holidays in the old world on a spectacular Christmas River cruise. Discover the Mediterranean on a small boat cruise along the shores of CroatiaGreece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. Or set sail further north to the British Isles, and into Arctic regions of Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, and even to the North Pole on an Arctic expedition cruise of a lifetime. Wherever your destination, Adventure Life's European cruise experts are here to help you craft the perfect trip to Europe. 
European River Cruises

10 Best European River Cruises for 2022-2023

European River Cruises
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10 Best European Small Ship Cruises for 2022-2023

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Norwegian Fjords : Oslo - Bergen$41808Jul 9, 2022Discover the beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Come aboard Le Bellot for an 8-day cruise and sail along the Norwegian coastline, whose vertiginous …
Alpine Peaks of North Norway, Ski & Sail$24508Mar 26, 2022Board the Rembrandt van Rijn for this 8-day cruise from Tromso all the way to Alta. Enjoy the exhilaration of climbing snow-covered alpine mountains …
Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Isles$119908Apr 24, 2022Prepare your binoculars and cameras to capture the stunning scenery of the nature and wildlife in both Norway and Scotland.This 8-day adventure …
Norwegian Fjords : Bergen - Oslo$41808Jul 16, 2022Sail in the heart of the Norwegian fjords, explore extraordinary landscapes: steep cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and lush vegetation on this 8-day …
North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales$24508Dec 4, 2021Get your camera ready for this North Norway cruise which follows the path of more than one kind of whale as it travels amongst the fjords of Troms. …
Norway's Fjords and Arctic Svalbard$1996016May 10, 2022Cruise across Norway's fjords and Arctic Svalbard on a 16-day expedition aboard the National Geographic Resolution, and explore the wilderness, …
Spitsbergen Photography: In Search of Polar Bears$1149514Jun 10, 2022This two-week Arctic cruise aboard the brand new expedition vessel Ultramarine, equipped with 20 quick-launching Zodiacs, luxurious onboard amenities …
Mediterranean Gems: From Dubrovnik to Naples$1527011Jun 23, 2022Beginning in the enchanting Croatian city of Dubrovnik, sail across the Adriatic on an 11-day Mediterranean small ship cruise on the alluring Sea …
Magic of the Arctic Winter$441512Dec 7, 2021Explore the magnificent landscapes of Norway on this 12-day voyage aboard the MS Trollfjord. See the fjords, explore the amazing wilderness, and spot …
The Enchanting Rhine - From Zurich to Amsterdam$499912Dec 24, 2021After spending two nights in both Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland, board the MS Amaprima on an exclusive 7-day Rhine River cruise through the …
All Luxury European Cruises

10 Best Luxury European Cruises for 2022-2023

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
The Enchanting Rhine - From Zurich to Amsterdam$499912Dec 24, 2021After spending two nights in both Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland, board the MS Amaprima on an exclusive 7-day Rhine River cruise through the …
Eastern Mediterranean Enchantments$45058Apr 9, 2022Join this 8-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise aboard Emerald Azzurra and explore the wealth of beauty that Greece has to offer. Visit Sarandë on the …
Coastal Wonders of Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland$2247016Jun 6, 2022Join National Geographic Resolution on this 16-day exploration across Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland, visiting highlights including the …
Lofoten Islands & Norwegian Fjords$1349513Sep 21, 2022From Tromso to Copenhagen, this epic 13-day cruise aboard Scenic Eclipse explores the Lofoten Islands and Norwegian fjords, where you will see …
Delightful Douro$42068Aug 22, 2022From windswept seaside meanderings in Porto to the astonishing beauty of the Douro Valley, this 8-day Douro River cruise aboard Scenic Azure will let …
Classic Cruise - Holland to Belgium$86307May 15, 2022Board an exciting 7-day cultural cruise aboard La Nouvelle Etoile as it cruises from Holland crossing the border to Belgium to explore the world …
Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Svalbard$1406514Jun 30, 2022Board the Scenic Eclipse for an unforgettable 14-day Arctic cruise of Norway and the high Arctic. From magnificent fjords, cascading waterfalls and …
Viking Homelands$649915May 6, 2022Embark Viking Venus in Stockholm, Sweden, and make your way toward Bergen, Norway on this 15-day Baltic cruise. Visit Helsinki, St. Petersburg, …
Discover Spain & Portugal$826511Apr 27, 2022Spend 11 nights aboard the luxurious Scenic Eclipse exploring the indelible and awe-inspiring contributions of the Portuguese, the Moors and …
Norway Fjords & Spitsbergen$787011May 21, 2022Experience Norway and the awe-inspiring Svalbard archipelago from aboard LeBoreal. Starting in Bergen and sailing across magical landscapes of …

Top European Cruise Destinations

All European Barge Cruises

10 Best European Barge Cruises for 2022-2023

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Classic Cruise - Holland to Belgium$86307May 15, 2022Board an exciting 7-day cultural cruise aboard La Nouvelle Etoile as it cruises from Holland crossing the border to Belgium to explore the world …
European Classic Cruise - Holland$59607Mar 27, 2022See the wonders of Holland on this 7-day cruise aboard Panache. Enjoy a scenery of flowers, windmills and traditional houses while cruising through …
Classic Cruise - Holland$86307Apr 3, 2022This 7-day cruise aboard La Nouvelle Etoile travels through the most beautiful regions of Holland, where you will see historical structures, …
European Classic Cruise - Ireland$46007Apr 17, 2022Discover the scenery and historic structures throughout Ireland on this 7-day cruise aboard Shannon Princess. Take a relaxing cruise along the …
European Classic Cruise - Scotland$45907Apr 3, 2022Discover the beauty of Scotland on a 7-day getaway cruise aboard the cozy barge hotel Scottish Highlander. Explore the mystical waterways of Scotland …
European Canal Cruises$47907Jun 26, 2022Embark the Nymphea on a 7-day cruise along Loire Valley in Central France. Explore the magnificent chateaus in the region and learn more about French …
Venice and Mantua Cruise$40507Mar 27, 2022Departing from Venice aboard the intimate ship La Bella Vita, enjoy a 7-day cruise of Italy, stopping in Pellestrina, Chioggia, the Renaissance city …
European Classic Cruise - Scotland$47907Apr 10, 2022Discover the beauty of Scotland on a 7-day getaway cruise aboard the elegant barge hotel Spirit of Scotland. Explore the mysterious Lochs of Scotland …
Charming Provence: a barge cruise in Southern France$34257Apr 2, 2022Board the charming Anne-Marie for an unforgettable 7-day cruise experience along the Rhoner River and the Canal du Rhone à Sète. Start your cruise …
Get Away From It All: Saone-et-Loire to the Cote d'Or$34027Apr 23, 2022Join us for a unique 7-day journey along the Burgundy canal to discover cities with distinctive charm, roundtrip from Dijon aboard MS Danièle.

European Cruising Tips & Travel Guide

The Best of Europe
No matter which part of Europe you want to visit, Adventure Life is ready to help plan your dream vacation with some of the best cruises and expeditions out there. 
The Arctic: Get ready to explore the frigid North in style as you set out through these icy waters to see the fjords of Iceland, Greenland, and the legendary Northeast Passage across the northern coast of Russia, where Aurora Borealis can be seen.

Scandinavia: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark comprise this northerly region of Europe, where Arctic wildlife like polar bears, seals, and whales swim in these remote waters.

The British Isles: Take a walk into Europe's medieval past as you explore the hauntingly beautiful castles that dot the rolling hills and highlands of Scotland & England; stroll along the quiet beaches of Wales; Get a taste for authentic Gaelic culture in Belfast, Northern Ireland; or experience the "luck of the Irish" in the green pastures of Ireland itself.

Western Europe: Breathe in the fresh Paris air as you tour this enchanting French city, or see the harrowing beaches of Normandy and the French Riviera at Nice. In Germany, the Rhine River will take you through the towns of yore, adorned by ornate castles & impressive cathedrals. A tour of the Iberian Peninsula will acquaint you with the world-renowned art and architecture that characterizes Spain & Portugal.

Eastern Europe: For half of the 20th century, a wall hid these bewitching countries from the Western world, but now you can experience all Eastern Europe has to offer as you explore the unique cultures that surround the Black Sea, like Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and other hidden gems of this part of Europe. The melodies of the Danube River will delight you as you navigate deeper into the heart of Europe's lesser known sites & attractions.

The Mediterranean: This expansive sea borders the southern coasts of Europe and the northern tip of Africa and is known for its temperate climate, delicious food, and excellent beaches. Visit the heart of the ancient Roman empire as you explore Italy, or see the ruins of the myth-ridden Greek empire as you cruise the Greek Isles. From Sicily to the Dalmatian Coast, a Mediterranean cruise is a mix of pure relaxation, fascinating archaeological sites, and some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste.
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European Cruising & Travel Guide

Amazing Barge Cruising Destinations in Europe

Cruising the canals of Europe is a relaxing way to enjoy the company of friends and family. Here are some of the hot spots:

France is widely considered the crème de la crème of barge cruising with the best-established barging culture where you can explore the canals and waterways of: Canal du Midi in the South of France, the Alsace-Lorraine region sailing the Marne-Rhine Canal to Strasbourg, and the famous wine regions of  Burgundy and Champagne. Some barge cruises even arrive to Paris.

Scotland & Ireland -  Sail the length of Loch Ness on the lookout for Nessy or cruise Ireland's Shannon River in a barge.

Germany  - where you can explore the picturesque Moselle River on a barge

Netherlands and Belgium whose canals make excellent barge cruising territory.
Europe's Top River Port Cities

Amsterdam - The beginning of legendary cruises up the Rhine River, or explore the canals of Holland & Belgium.

Budapest - Is Hungary's capital on the Danube River known for its striking architecture & hot baths. 

Vienna - Home of legendary musicians whom leave their mark on Viennese culture to this day.

Frankfurt - Home to one of Europe's major airports, many fly into Frankfurt then cruise on the Rhine.

Porto - Portugal's namesake is at the mouth of the Douro River and famous for Port wine.

Paris - Sail northwest on the Seine River to Normandy, or fly into Paris to access the Rhone River, Bordeaux region, Loire Valley and Strasbourg - gateway to the Rhine.

Berlin - Is visited on cruise to the nearby and lesser known Elbe River, Berlin is an extension for many cruises to Prague, Amsterdam and The Baltic Sea.

Strasbourg - Is the crossroads of French and German cultures and starting or finishing point for many cruises on the Rhine River.

Basel - cruise the length of the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam.

What kinds of European cruises are there?

River Cruises are quickly becoming the most popular way to explore Europe's ancient and historic interior. Along the Rhine, you'll visit the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. The beautiful blue Danube takes you through the countries of Central and even Eastern Europe. The Seine & Rhone Rivers highlight the best that France has to offer. And the Douro takes you along one of the Iberian Peninsula's main arteries through Spain and Portugal.

Mediterranean cruise - aboard a classic sailing schooner or a luxurious yacht - makes for a great way to relax among the sun-kissed isles of the Cyclades, explore the ruins of Greece, visit Croatia, or see all that Italy, Monaco, and Mediterranean France have to offer. 

Arctic Expedition Cruise, visiting the northern tip of Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and even the Arctic fjords of Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Several of these cruises even cruise right across the Arctic Circle to the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage and Baffin Bay on the north continental Canada.
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