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Embark on an unforgettable adventure through one of the following Alaska Small Ship Cruises and Tours for 2024 and 2025, designed to explore the rugged terrain and stunning scenery of America's last frontier. This region is home to a variety of natural wonders, including glaciers, icebergs, fjords, and abundant wildlife. From whale watching to kayaking, hiking to exploring remote villages, there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Alaska. Witness majestic humpback whales breaching, grizzly bears foraging for salmon, and bald eagles soaring overhead. Explore locations such as Anchorage, Denali National Park, Nome, Sitka, and the Bering Sea. These Alaska small ship cruises and land tours allow you to experience the state up close and personal, while also offering the comforts and amenities of cruises and wilderness lodgesContact our Adventure Life Alaska Experts for more information.
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10 Best Alaska Small Ship Cruises for 2024-2025

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8 Alaska Travel Deals in 2024-2025

Trip NameSaveFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Alaska Fjords & Glaciers$500$36008Jun 9, 2024Begin your 8-day Alaskan journey in the state's capital, Juneau. This cruise takes you through some of Alaska's most dramatic landscapes with …
Inside Passage & Glacier Bay Wilderness Cruise$500$610013Sep 28, 2024On this 13-day small ship tour onboard Safari Endeavour, explore the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay. Whales and wildlife, kayaking, and hiking are …
Alaska’s Prince William Sound Explorer$500$72008May 31, 2024Join Safari Explorer on this 8-day Anchorage Roundtrip: Alaska’s Prince William Sound Explorer. Experience sailing Prince William Sound and …
Alaska's Glacier Country$500$61008May 24, 2024Make the most out of this 8-day cruise aboard Safari Quest as you explore the wilderness and encounter marine animals by kayaking, paddle boarding …
Alaska Adventure Cruise - Alaska Fjords and Glacier Bay$500$720015Jun 2, 2024Embark on a 15-day Alaskan adventure from Juneau to Ketchikan aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. Start the trip in Glacier Bay National Park. …
Kids in Nature, Glaciers & Wildlife Family Explorer$1000$63008Jun 22, 2024Set sail on an 8-day Glaciers and Wildlife Family Explorer cruise Juneau roundtrip aboard Wilderness Legacy. Explore parts of Glacier Bay National …
Inside Passage & Glacier Bay Wilderness Cruise$500$720013Sep 11, 2024Thirteen days take you through the Inside Passages and Glacier Bay National Park, encountering remote wilderness, Native culture, and history. Set …
Cruise To Alaska : Inside Passage with Glacier Bay & Olympic National Park$500$760013Sep 6, 2024Cruise Alaska’s and Canada’s Inside Passages and visit Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site during this 13-day adventure …
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Top Alaska Luxury Experiences 2024

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Remote Alaska Adventure$125005Jun 2, 2024Experience a 5-day luxury Alaska lodge adventure and backcountry flight safaris at Ultima Thule Lodge. View the landscape and wildlife from a bush …
Seward to Vancouver$54008Jun 6, 2024Join the Silver Muse and cruise the Inside Passage from Seward to Vancouver to see the region's vibrant culture and natural beauty. As you sail along …
Vancouver to Seward$54008Jun 13, 2024Join an 8-day cruise aboard the Silver Muse from Vancouver to Seward, exploring Alaska's outdoor wonders. Encounter massive glaciers and snow-capped …
Vancouver to Seward$640011Jul 15, 2024Join this 11-day cruise aboard the Silver Muse from Vancouver to Seward to explore Alaska's outdoor wonders. Encounter massive glaciers and …
Alaska: Nature On A Grand Scale$858013Jun 7, 2024Join Le Soleal on a 13-day journey to discover the various facets of Alaska. This cruise will take you through breathtaking scenery, including …
Alaska: Nature On A Grand Scale$774013Aug 17, 2024Join Le Soleal on a 13-day journey to discover the various facets of Alaska. This cruise will take you through breathtaking scenery, including …
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Top-Rated Alaska Small Cruise Ships for 2024

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Alaska Cruise Tips & Travel Guide

Exploring Alaska: What to Expect on Your Alaskan Tour

Alaska trips offer an extraordinary range of experiences, granting you the freedom to craft your own Alaskan adventure. From small ship cruises to immersive land tours and cozy wilderness lodges, or even a combination of all three, Alaska caters to all types of explorers. Whether you're venturing into the awe-inspiring Misty Fjords, the towering Denali National Park, the captivating Glacier Bay, or the enchanting Inside Passage, each destination guarantees an unforgettable journey.

One of the paramount highlights of these Alaska tours is the extraordinary wildlife encounters. Keep your camera ready for grizzly bears, majestic moose, graceful caribou, and the iconic bald eagles, among other captivating creatures, as you immerse yourself in the natural allure of Alaska's rugged terrain. Thrilling outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, exhilarating whitewater rafting, exciting fishing trips, and captivating whale watching excursions put you in close proximity to the untamed wilderness.

For those yearning to delve deeper into Alaska's heartland, Alaska land tours offer a fantastic option. Here, you'll gain insight into the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Alaska, all while having the flexibility to shape your own itinerary. On the other hand, small ship cruises provide an intimate voyage with a smaller group of like-minded travelers, transporting you to remote and pristine locations. Combining both experiences and complementing your journey with a stay at a wilderness lodge is an exceptional way to maximize your time in Alaska.

Alaska's incomparable geographic wonders, coupled with its rich cultural tapestry and captivating history, make it the quintessential destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the chance to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and explore the great land that has been captivating the hearts of explorers for generations. Whether you're embarking on Alaska trips, land tours, or cruises, Alaska promises an extraordinary expedition into the heart of wilderness and wonder.
Flying to Alaska

For international travelers, especially those coming from the contiguous United States and Canada, both Seattle and Vancouver serve as major departure points to access Alaska. While not in Alaska itself, these cities offer a convenient starting point for your Alaskan journey.
  • Seattle: From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you can find numerous flights connecting to major Alaskan cities like Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Additionally, Seattle is also a popular embarkation point for Alaska cruises.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in Canada is another excellent option for international travelers. Vancouver offers direct flights to Alaska, particularly to cities like Anchorage and Juneau. It's also a significant departure point for Alaskan cruises.
Alaska Airports
  • Juneau (JNU): Juneau, Alaska's capital, features the Juneau International Airport (JNU). This airport primarily handles domestic flights but serves as a key entry and departure point for travelers exploring the southeastern part of the state on a small ship cruise.
  • Sitka (SIT): The Rocky Gutierrez Airport is just outside of Sitka, a major embarkation and disembarkation point for small ship cruises has daily departures to/from Seattle and Anchorage.
  • Ketchikan (KTN): Ketchikan is situated in the scenic Inside Passage region and is home to the Ketchikan International Airport (KTN). This airport primarily serves travelers arriving by air to explore the southeastern coastal areas of Alaska.
  • Anchorage (ANC): Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, boasts the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC). This major transportation hub welcomes travelers from around the world. Anchorage serves as a primary gateway to the state, offering a variety of flights, including international connections.
  • Fairbanks (FAI): Fairbanks is another Alaskan city with an international airport, the Fairbanks International Airport (FAI). Located in the interior of the state, Fairbanks is a popular starting point for those exploring Alaska's interior and northern regions.
Alaska Cruise Small Ships Advantages

Intimate Journey - A small ship offers a different kind of cruise experience compared to larger ships that provide an array of fancy amenities, organized tours, and entertainment. Instead, small ships are ideal for experiencing Alaska's wilderness venturing into lesser-known waterways, narrow channels, and tiny ports that are inaccessible to larger ships. For instance, when small ships visit a small port in Alaska's Inside Passage, they can blend more easily both with the town or nature. 

Get Close to Nature - When in Alaska, guests on small ships prefer to spot whales and marvel at natural landscapes rather than other forms of entertainment. They enjoy being outside on the deck as the Captain maneuvers under a waterfall instead of watching a video. On small ships, the focus is often on appreciating the natural environment for entertainment, rather than by onboard amusements.

Proactive Experience - Small ship captains have the flexibility to adjust the itinerary according to natural occurrences, like lingering to watch whales, glaciers calving, or spotting sea otters based on nearby fishermen's reports. A small ship cruise isn't just a visit, but a participatory experience. Guests get to kayak near glaciers, hike in rainforests, and admire beautiful gardens in places like British Columbia. Overall, a small ship cruise is an immersive sensory experience.
Leading Alaska Small Ship Cruise Lines for 2024-2025
Alaska Cruises from Seattle
Embarking on an Alaska cruise from Seattle, Washington promises a journey of breathtaking beauty and adventure. These routes, often referred to as 'repositioning cruises,' offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience the stunning landscapes and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest while making their way to or from Alaska.

Seattle, Washington's largest city, serves as a captivating starting or ending point for your cruise. Nestled on the shores of Puget Sound and surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle welcomes you with its vibrant culture, iconic landmarks, and natural splendor.
  • Friday Harbor: Your cruise may lead you to Friday Harbor, a serene seaside town known for its captivating Whale Museum. Here, you can delve into the world of marine life and gain insights into the majestic creatures that inhabit these waters.
  • San Juan Islands: Explore the enchanting San Juan Islands, a renowned haven for spotting orcas. These pristine waters offer you a chance to witness these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat.
Alaska Cruises from Vancouver
Embark in Vancouver, and journey along the Inside Passage of British Columbia, you'll become immersed in the unspoiled Canadian wilderness. Expect encounters with whales, dolphins, and bears, as well as thrilling explorations and excursions.
  • Vancouver: British Columbia's largest city and a major Canadian port on the Pacific, beckons you with its cosmopolitan charm and natural beauty. Explore its lively neighborhoods, dine on world-class cuisine, and soak in the stunning views.
  • Prince Rupert: Home to North America's deepest natural harbor, this city serves as the perfect gateway to further adventures in the north.
  • Johnstone Strait, Alert Bay, & Seymour Narrows: These destinations offer exceptional opportunities to spot orcas and also provide a rich tapestry of indigenous culture, with well-preserved traditions waiting to be explored.
  • Gulf Islands: Nestled in the Strait of Georgia, the Gulf Islands are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this pristine paradise, where nature's beauty knows no bounds.
  • Princess Royal Island: The largest island in British Columbia, captivates with its fjords and inlets. Witness the untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in all its glory.
The Wildlife of Alaska
In the expansive and pristine wilderness of Alaska, you will find some of the country's most majestic animals around every turn. The majority of the wildlife here are mammals, since their thick fur coats or layers of fat in the case of marine mammals allows them to withstand the cold Alaskan winters. From Glacier Bay National Park to the Inside Passage and all of the millions of acres of wildlife reserves and national parks, it seems impossible to visit Alaska without witnessing these impressive creatures:
  • Land mammals: Grizzly & black bears and the elusive polar bears (only in the far north) are sights to behold, as well as moose, caribou, and smaller furbearing animals like marten, mink, wolves, and dawes sheep.
  • Marine mammals: Humpback whales, orcas, belgua whales, bowhead whales, harbor seals, , sea lions, sea otters, and walrus can all be found here.
  • Birds: Bald eagles & golden eagles are the most famous, but you'll also find ptarmigans, loons, owls, swans, and puffins. 
  • Fish: There are five species of salmon that thrive in these cold northern waters, making up an important part of the food chain.
Best Time to Visit Alaska
The best time to visit Alaska is during the summer months, for those who prefer milder temperatures and extended daylight. However, with its diverse geography, Alaska offers something special during each season. 
  • Summer (June to August): During the summer months, the Far North, Interior, Southwest, and South Central regions bask in warm temperatures, with average highs reaching 72°F in July. This season provides the ideal backdrop for outdoor adventures, including hiking, fishing, and embracing up to 20 hours of daylight in June. The Inside Passage also offers a delightful summer escape, with mild temperatures and an average high of 65°F in July. It's the perfect time to explore fjords and witness abundant wildlife during up to 18 hours of daylight.
  • Winter (December to February): In the Far North and Interior regions, you'll experience frigid temperatures, often plummeting to an average low of -22°F in February. However, it's also the prime time to witness the enchanting Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky. The Southwest and South Central regions offer a winter wonderland with temperatures ranging from 0-21°F, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to partake in activities like snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Meanwhile, the Southeast & Inside Passage offers mild winters with an average low of 22°F in January, making it an ideal time to witness breathtaking glacier formations and explore charming coastal towns.
  • Spring (March to May): As winter transitions to spring, Alaska undergoes a fascinating transformation. The Far North and Interior regions see the gradual thawing of landscapes, offering a unique opportunity to witness the rebirth of Arctic ecosystems and observe migratory birds returning to their nesting grounds. In the Southwest and South Central regions, spring brings a balanced mix of thawing landscapes and still-chilly waters, creating a perfect setting for spotting sea lions, puffins, and other coastal wildlife during cruises. The Southeast & Inside Passage welcomes budding trees and a sense of renewal in its coastal rainforests.
  • Autumn (September to November): Autumn in Alaska ushers in cooler temperatures and a riot of vibrant fall foliage. In the Far North and Interior regions, this season provides the final opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to observe Arctic animals before the onset of winter. The Southwest and South Central regions offer crisp air and stunning coastal views during the salmon spawning season, with the chance to witness bears feasting on this natural spectacle. Meanwhile, the Southeast & Inside Passage delights in a mosaic of fall colors in its rainforests, making it an ideal time for hiking and exploring coastal communities.
What to Pack for your Alaska Cruise

So you've got your cruise booked and your plane tickets purchased, which just leaves one question - What to pack for an Alaska cruise?

Clothes: Pack with plenty of layers, starting with a hooded, windproof, and waterproof jacket on the outside and then a sweater, and shirt. Hiking boots or closed-toe shoes with ankle support are also important. Undergarments and socks that will keep you warm are just as important as a good jacket. Having some decent gloves and a warm hat is a necessity also. On your Alaska cruise, pack for practicality over fashion!

Summer clothes might also be necessary, depending on where you're going and the time of year. Be sure to ask us if you have any questions.

Accessories: Don't forget a camera and all of its accessories, a good pair of binoculars, polarized sunglasses, and alarm clock & watch, a good backpack for day-hikes.

Toiletries & other items: Sunscreen & insect repellant, any special soaps, lotions, or conditioners you use, motion sickness medication (just in case!). 

Top Alaska Natural Sites to Explore During Your Alaska Cruise or Tour
  • Glacier Bay National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay offers a mesmerizing landscape featuring towering glaciers, pristine fjords, and abundant wildlife. Immerse yourself in the park's beauty through hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.
  • Inside Passage: A breathtaking network of islands and waterways, the Inside Passage showcases Alaska's stunning scenery and diverse wildlife. Take a scenic cruise or ferry ride to experience the unparalleled beauty and adventure of this iconic route.
  • Denali National Park: Located in the heart of Alaska, Denali National Park boasts the continent's tallest mountain peak, Denali itself. It's a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, where grizzly bears, moose, and caribou roam freely. Explore the park's scenic hiking trails!
  • Endicott Arm: This narrow fjord in Southeast Alaska is a well-kept secret, adorned with awe-inspiring glaciers, towering waterfalls, and abundant wildlife, including humpback whales and harbor seals. Explore its wonders on a boat tour or kayak adventure.
  • Frederick Sound: Renowned as a premier destination for humpback whale watching, Frederick Sound offers captivating encounters with these majestic creatures. Join tours or kayak expeditions to witness humpback whales, sea lions, porpoises, and eagles.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: A coastal gem celebrated for its awe-inspiring glaciers, marine wildlife, and fjords. Engage in kayaking, hiking, or wildlife viewing to soak in its beauty.
  • Lake Clark National Park and Katmai National Park: These parks in southwestern Alaska showcase pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife, and unique geological features.
  • Misty Fjords: A wilderness paradise that showcases Southeast Alaska's dramatic landscapes of towering granite cliffs, pristine lakes, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Matanuska Glacier: Located in the Matanuska Valley, this glacier is a natural wonder. Visitors can take guided tours to explore its icy expanse.
  • Turnagain Arm: A picturesque inlet along the southern edge of the Anchorage area, Turnagain Arm offers stunning views, including the famous bore tide phenomenon.
  • Resurrection Bay: Located near Seward, Resurrection Bay is known for its scenic beauty, wildlife, and outdoor activities such as kayaking and wildlife cruises.
Alaska's Departure Ports and Port Towns
  • Juneau: Alaska's capital city offers the best of both worlds as an airport city and a cruise departure port. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Alaska's rich history, culture, and outdoor wonders before or after their cruise adventure. Juneau's Auke Bay is a major cruise ship dock.
  • Ketchikan: Often referred to as the "Salmon Capital of the World," Ketchikan is a vibrant cruise departure port nestled in the southeastern part of Alaska. Cruise ships dock at the Ketchikan Cruise Ship Berths, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the town's charming atmosphere and explore its rich native culture.
  • Sitka: Sitka, a town steeped in Russian and Tlingit heritage, is a popular cruise destination and departure port. Cruise ships dock at the Sitka Cruise Terminal, granting easy access to the town's historical sites and natural beauty along the Pacific Ocean.
  • Skagway: Nestled in the renowned Inside Passage, this historic gold rush town is also a significant port town for day visits.
  • Seward: Located on the picturesque Kenai Peninsula, Seward is a popular cruise port town. =
Other relevant Alaskan port towns:
  • Anchorage: This bustling metropolis seamlessly blends urban amenities with natural beauty. The city is home to Alaska's busiest airport, ideal for travelers with daily flights from global destinations. It also provides access to Denali National Park and Fairbanks.
  • Kodiak Island: This rugged and picturesque island promises a remarkable wilderness experience. Hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing unveil the island's stunning natural beauty.
  • Nome: Once a historic gold-rush town, Nome has transformed into a thriving hub of Inupiat culture. Visitors can delve into its unique history, and soak in the natural beauty of the tundra and beaches.
Top 7 Reasons to Stay in an Alaskan Wilderness Lodge

By staying at an Alaska Wilderness Lodge, you can strike the ideal balance between luxury, intimacy, and adventure. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and access to some of the state’s favorite outdoor activities, all while being surrounded by the remote and stunning Alaskan wilderness. With locations in Interior Alaska, Southwest, South Central, and Inside Passage regions, you can choose the perfect spot to suit your interests. From witnessing the northern lights on an adventure cruise on a combined trip with your wilderness lodge to exploring Denali National Park, there's something for everyone. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider staying in an Alaska Wilderness Lodge:
  1. Authentic Alaska experience: Wilderness lodges provide an authentic Alaskan experience with breathtaking views and a chance to get away from it all.
  2. Various activities: Most wilderness lodges and itineraries will make sure to include fascinating activities such as guided hikes, fishing, wildlife viewing, whale watching, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and more.
  3. Off the beaten path: Wilderness lodges are remote and exclusive, with neighbors being as far away as 40 miles. Sometimes, the only way to get there is by small boat or air taxi, providing an opportunity to truly be on your own.
  4. Lavish amenities: Wilderness lodges offer high-end accommodations, personalized hospitality, and a menu of activities to choose from during your adventure. Some amenities to look forward to in most wilderness lodges include spas, hot tubs, gyms, and high-end toiletries. 
  5. Personalized service: Hosts at wilderness lodges are friendly and passionate about Alaska. Specific needs and interests can usually be catered to. 
  6. Luxurious accommodations: Some wilderness lodges offer the most luxurious accommodations in Alaska, complete with gourmet cuisine, wine tastings, high-thread-count linens, and expert guides.
  7. In-depth exploration: Wilderness lodges can be added to any land tour or cruise or can be your entire Alaska vacation, making for a deeper exploration of the State.
Alaska's Diverse Cultural Heritage
  • Indigenous Alaska: The indigenous communities of Alaska, including the Alaska Natives such as the Inupiat, Yupik, and Athabascan, as well as various Native American groups like the Tlingit, Haida, and Aleut, have inhabited these lands for millennia. Their cultures are deeply woven into the fabric of Alaska, expressed through vibrant art, dance, and storytelling. Visitors can witness traditional ceremonies, explore native villages, and even acquire handmade crafts that bear the legacy of these ancient cultures.
  • Historic Gold Rush Towns: Alaska's history is marked by gold rushes that lured fortune seekers from across the globe. Towns like Skagway, Nome, and Fairbanks provide a glimpse into the frontier spirit of the past. Stroll down wooden boardwalks, visit historic saloons, and discover the tales of pioneers who braved the harsh wilderness in search of gold.
  • Arts and Craftsmanship: Alaska is a hub of artistic creativity. Local artisans craft exquisite jewelry, intricate ivory carvings, and stunning indigenous art. Galleries and cultural centers showcase these masterpieces, offering a chance to admire the skill and passion behind each creation.
  • Culinary Delights: Alaska's culinary scene reflects its diverse heritage. Savor fresh seafood, including succulent salmon and king crab, as well as dishes influenced by indigenous traditions. Indigenous ingredients like wild berries, fireweed shoots, and reindeer sausage are integral to Alaskan cuisine.
  • Alaska's Museums: Numerous museums and heritage centers dot the state, preserving its history and culture. Explore the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, delve into aviation history at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, or learn about the state's Russian heritage at the Russian Bishop's House in Sitka.
  • Festivals and Celebrations: Alaska hosts a myriad of festivals celebrating its culture throughout the year. The Alaska State Fair in Palmer, the Sitka Summer Music Festival, and the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous are just a few examples. These events offer a lively immersion into Alaskan traditions, from music and dance to art and cuisine.
  • Northern Lights and Indigenous Stories: The mystical Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, hold a special place in Alaska's folklore. Indigenous communities, such as the Alaska Natives, have their own captivating stories about these celestial displays, adding a layer of cultural enchantment to the natural phenomenon. If you want to observe this natural phenomenon, let us help you find the most suitable Alaska cruise or tour.
  • Other Cultural Experiences: Additionally, while traveling through Alaska, consider exploring the state's iconic natural wonders, such as the Alaska Railroad that traverses breathtaking landscapes, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where native wildlife thrives in a protected environment.
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Alaska Cruise Travel FAQs

How much does an Alaska cruise cost?
Alaska cruises range between $4000-$12000/person depending on the class and size of the ship, the ratio of guides to passengers,  and the length of the cruise are major factors. 
Do I need a visa to travel to Alaska?
US residents do not need a visa; travelers from Europe, Britain, Canada, or Australia only need a passport. If you are traveling from a different part of the world, you should check the travel requirements with your country's state department.
Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Alaska has the same power outlets as the rest of North America - three-prong grounded 110V outlets. If you have devices that are 220-240V or that are not compatible with North American plugs, you will need an adapter and/or converter that is Type B.
Can I use my cell phone while in Alaska? What about internet access?
Contrary to popular belief, Alaska's cell coverage is improving significantly in recent years. Major US carriers from the continental states like Verizon and AT&T are gaining ground and establishing strong networks. Of course, in the backcountry, where many of our tours are based, you will encounter huge mountains and stretches of vast wilderness where you will not have a signal.

In major port towns, you will be able to get strong, fast internet access and find accessible WiFi hotspots. Most ships do have internet access (check with your Adventure Life trip planner), though our expeditions explore the national parks and the more remote wildernesses that characterize a great majority of Alaska, so you might go for several days or even most of your trip without internet access.
How far in advance should I reserve an Alaska cruise?
Most of the top-tier small cruise ships fill up many months in advance, so in order to have the best selection, and even access to early bird deals we recommend reserving 6-9 months in advance. 
How long should I spend in Alaska
For many, an Alaska cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and the more time you spend exploring Alaska, the better chance you have of seeing more wildlife. That said, you'll need a minimum of 6 days for a cruise through a trip of two weeks is recommended that combines an expedition cruise with a trip to the wild Alaskan interior, such as Denali National Park.
Will there be Internet access on my Alaska cruise?
In major port towns, you will be able to get strong, fast internet access and find accessible WiFi hotspots. Most ships do have internet access (check with your Adventure Life trip planner), though our expeditions explore the national parks and the more remote wildernessethat characterize a great majority of Alaska, so you might go for several days or even most of your trip without internet access.
How far in advance should I reserve an Alaska cruise?
Most of the top-tier small cruise ships fill up many months in advance, so in order to have the best selection, and even access to early bird deals we recommend reserving 6-9 months in advance. 
How long should I spend in Alaska?
For many, an Alaska cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and the more time you spend exploring Alaska, the better chance you have of seeing more wildlife. That said, you'll need a minimum of 6 days for a cruise through a trip of two weeks is recommended that combines an expedition cruise with a trip to the wild Alaskan interior, such as Denali National Park.
What is the most common way of paying for things in Alaska?
Alaska uses the US Dollar and paying with credit cards is pretty commonly accepted. It is possible that some smaller stores and businesses only accept cash, so you should have some on hand just in case. 
Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
We recommend you check out our Once You're Booked page for more information on buying travel insurance - it's always nice to know that you have it just in case.
Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Alaska has the same sockets as the rest of North America - three-prong grounded 110V outlets. If you have devices that are 220-240V or that are not compatible with North American plugs, you will need an adapter and/or converter that is Type B.
Is tipping customary in Alaska?
Since Alaska is a US state, tipping is considered customary in the service industry (like restaurants), but if you tip and how much is always an individual decision. It is recommended that you do leave a gratuity for the ship, captain, and guide if you are on a cruise.


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